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Gaining Confidence in Your Swimsuit

There you are sweating in your coverup. You can literally feel it rolling down your back and under your arms but yet you are resisting taking off that cover up and getting in the water. It would feel so good right now too. Cool, blue water washing away the sweat and giving you a pleasant refreshing splash.

So why don’t you go in?

Regardless of size, almost everyone woman is self-conscious of how she looks in her swimsuit. We buy these ridiculous thick, squeeze it all in swimsuits in what is supposed to be complementary patterns and colors to hide ourselves. Then we buy further hiding gear with cover-ups, big glasses and bigger hats. By the time we wrestle into these supportive padded squeezing suits and get the cover up on we are ready to rethink the whole idea of going outside because it is that physically and mentally exhausting to put on a swimsuit.

I finally talked my husband into a private backyard pool to avoid the whole going out in public in a swimsuit as much as possible. It is wonderful but even with that, I am still highly self-conscious of walking outside in my own backyard in a swimsuit.

Why do we torture ourselves so much with swimsuits and cover-ups?

There are multiple places to put blame when it comes to our own body image. We can self-blame that we are not eating right and exercising. Maybe that’s true and maybe it isn’t. We can blame clothing manufacturers for their horrible designs and incomprehension of the variety of women’s bodies. There is also enough blame for the diet industry, food manufacturers, porn, super models, and general society. Probably more but you get the point.

The reason we torture ourselves over swimsuits and not enjoying being in them is how engrained all of those things and more is within our brains. We are stigmatized over the whole ordeal that our own body image is held hostage the moment we think about swimsuit season. It’s not actually a season by the way either, that too is just more of the stigma state we exist on this topic.

It becomes a traumatic event to wear a swimsuit that we encounter every summer. – Amy Kramer, Dragonspit Apothecary

The struggle to want to be outside enjoying the weather, water and summer activities and wearing a swimsuit to do those things creates trauma within us. It kills our joy and happiness by imposing limitations on what we do, how we feel and what we think is appropriate.

Should we just give up summer?

I don’t think so. That in fact would make me incredibly miserable.

The truth is the only way to not have all the horrible things we think happen at the thought of putting on a swimsuit, is simply to put it on. Releasing the trauma around it is not easy but absolutely necessary for the freedom of realizing it is just a swimsuit and what is at stake.

There are some well meaning pieces of advice for how to wear a swimsuit, including wearing a cover-up. Whatever you have to do to get through it right?

I say while well intended, the real need here is to heal from the trauma that causes this to be so frustrating and limiting in the first place. As a natural health practitioner it is necessary for us to get at the root of the problem so healing can truly occur. Otherwise, if we don’t, we’re just literally covering it up with something… in this case a swimsuit cover-up.

At the core of this situation, is a lot of societal and cultural beliefs about what women should look like. Here’s the truth, you look like you. There is not a standard because you are unique. This is a big bit of truth so you may need to let it soak in and do some other healing to accept this and be able to apply it to you.

There is a standard for women because you are unique. You will always be unique so why would you continually try to measure yourself against something that doesn’t really exist? – Amy Kramer, Dragonspit Apothecary

Secondly, our perspectives about what we should and should not do needs to be addressed. We may not even realize we have limiting beliefs about ourself but I promise you we all do to some extent. Any time we say to ourselves or out loud, “No I can’t.” It’s right there. That’s limiting you. Big and small, we do it to ourselves all the time.

There is nothing at all on this Earth you cannot do. Again, that’s a big piece of truth that may take a while to settle in what it means to you. That’s ok take all the time you need with it.

Lastly, it is absolutely necessary to build a healthy relationship within ourselves across mind, body and spirit. See when we don’t feel well about our body, this is where our mind tries to control the situation. Negative self-talk, restrictive dieting, over exercising and more all occur when we are operating from this state. This creates imbalances between mind and body that break our ability to stimulate healing and creates blocks in our energy. It leads long term to not feeling good in our own skin.

None of these things may offer quick fixes like having a black swimsuit that offers instant slimming through tight spandex but it is where we find healing. It is where we can confidently go out in a swimsuit, get in the water and play, feel alive and enjoy the summer season.

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