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Get Your Clean On – Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils


The smell of fresh warm air coming through open windows, trees and plants in bloom spreading green pollen everywhere and home vacuums running non-stop.

Yes, my friends it is the smells and sounds of spring cleaning in full swing.

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It is time to freshen, spruce and scrub the dwelling as we prepare for the flurry of spring and arrival of hot sunny days of summer.

Spring cleaning is a labor of love, intended to help us shed excess and seek more simple ways to live. For me, part of this transformation is also reducing the toxic load in our home and applying more natural cleaning methods to my routine.

Here are a few of my spring cleaning tricks with essential oils:

  1. When you change the air filter in your home, add 3-4 drops of Melaleuca to the filter. This will purify the air throughout your home when the air conditioner or furnace kicks on.

  2. Also on the air filter, you can instead add your favorite diffuser blend. I personally like Lemon-Rosemary when I’m looking to spread the smell of cheer and clean throughout the house.  (NOTE: This is also my secret to having the house smell clean if I’ve not done a lot of actual cleaning.)

  3. Making up a blend of Peppermint and water in a spray bottle can be used as a surface cleaner to eliminate ants, spiders and pests you can find in your home as the weather starts to warm.

  4. Linen spray and laundry freshener is super easy and can be customized to your taste. I like to use a small spray bottle to add Lavender and Lemon with Witch Hazel to spray fresh laundry and freshen sheets in between washing.

  5. Lavender and Lemon can also be added to your washing machine to help with especially dirty clothes and stains.

  6. Alternatively, you can put a couple drops of oils on your dryer balls or non-scented fabric sheets to spread the scent that way

  7. Area rugs can be lightly sprayed with Purify to eliminate odors

  8. Carpet shampooing benefits from a few drops of Purify to eliminate odors as well as break down stains for more easier cleaning

  9. Surface cleaner to disinfect consists of an easy mix of Melaleuca and water. This fights germs on door knobs, light switches, counters, window sills and bathrooms

  10. Window cleaner is just a mix of lemon and vinegar in a spray bottle. Using newspaper rather than paper towel reduces streaks

  11. Baseboards, ceiling fan blades and floors benefit from a good wipe down of On Guard Concentrate Cleaner and warm water

So, get your bucket, mop and dusting cloths and let’s do Spring!

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Here are some additional oils to consider adding in your Spring Cleaning regime:


Interested in more?

If you’d like to change how you spring or routine clean to a natural approach, let me know! I’m happy to help you find the right essential oils for your cleaning fun!

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