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Healing from Long-Term Negativity

Who is this real negative Nancy anyways?

To some she is the gal who is always complaining about something. She makes it all about her all the time too. We want to be her friend, because there is a lot of cool things about her we relate on, but it often feels like a 1-way street. She certainly is not there when you need her. You always have to be the one to reach out and try to make plans only to be greeted by a litany of things that are going on in her life that while she’d love to get together she is just sooo busy. This is of course after she just spent the last 45 minutes telling you about the latest slew of problems and stress she has going on in her life and how nothing is ever going right for her.

It’s annoying as hell.

Then there is the other type of Negative Nancy.

She dresses in black regularly and seems like this super cool wish we could be like her image of a badass. I envision her in black thigh-high boots, mini and rockstar hair that emits cool and bad at the same time. She may not say much but when she does it’s definitely attention grabbing material.

While I give her this super cool image, she’s not the one you go knocking on the door to ask to babysit your kids or join a girl’s night to the local Applebee’s. No. Trust me she already knows you’re going out with the girls and she’s going to be right there watching from the corner. Waiting. She is truly wicked. So much so the regular negative Nancy seems like kittens and rainbows in comparison.

She lives inside our own head and is truly wicked. So much so the regular negative Nancy seems like kittens and rainbows.

Each of us has a version of this darker Evil Negative Nancy. She is the true villain. She has the voice in our head that says the really nasty, mean things about us, other people, our spouse, and even the dog. We wouldn’t dare say any of it out loud but we still think it because she tell us to.