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Healing Our Communities

Everyone can agree we need to do more to heal and improve our communities.

Paying it forward and participating in improving our communities is possible through multiple means in our lives. We can give to charity, we can volunteer or we can give through corporate stewardship programs as some examples. These are all meaningful and worthwhile channels to support our local communities.

Let me introduce you to one more.

doTERRA’s Healing Hands foundation is a global program that helps communities improve their conditions and overcome some horrific situations people have endured.

Yes the company that brings a very high quality essential oil product to the market that helps millions of paying customers does just as much on the charitable frontier to bring others up and help communities thrive.

Not only is this foundation global in focus but also national and local. They are in fact closely aligned to the needs of the communities in which their Wellness Advocates live. Through the foundation, Wellness Advocates can also get help for their local communities through a simple online request form.

For example, with the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida a local Wellness Advocate residing in this area contacted doTERRA’s Healing Hands for help. The foundation graciously provided hundreds of their Aroma Touch kits to distribute to local counselors and therapists treating people impacted from this event.


These oils are incredible for treating and soothing emotional hurts and pains. I know they bring some peace to those impacted. Each kit is valued at over $100 as well and will go a long way to helping many people in this community.

I do not know of any other network marketing company that directly contributes, donates and participates to this level of giving across the globe. It is inspiring and something that not only other network marketing companies should take note of but many corporations in general should look at.

The fact that their imprint to help is global in places many of us will never see but yet local to where their own team works and lives is inspiring. It’s tangible and it’s very real.  It’s so awesome to work with a company that is truly committed to improving lives and demonstrates through clear action they stand by their commitment to support those in need.

Everyone can support the Healing Hands foundation on a global, national and local level.


Interested in more?

If you are interested in joining a company that demonstrates their care of the world through love and support, contact me today at

If you would like to support Healing Hands, please contact me via my website at

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