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Healing Our Friendships

Posted on November 13, 2019 by dragonspitapothecary

I wrote back in September about the challenges many of us women have in trusting other women and developing deeper relationships with one another (read it here: Crossing the Line in Direct Sales.) That post triggered so many comments from women stating that what is in that post is right on point and the content spoke to them personally and professionally. It seems so many of us are feeling this loneliness in our friendship area that we can’t seem overcome and I have to further ask why.

Women have advanced in so many areas of the world. We are leaders of multi-million dollar companies. We are highly educated. We are wives and mothers. We do incredible things every day and yet we struggle with deep, meaningful, soulful relationships with other women. We do all these incredible things in this list and yet while we have friends we keep other women mostly at an arm’s length. We hesitate because we are unsure we can trust each other. So while we can do these incredibly powerful things in our lives we are lonely.

How many times have you not gone to do something because you lacked a girlfriend to do it with?How many times do you wish you had that one friend that you could talk to and not fear they would say something to someone else?How many times have you wished for that true female mentor to help you know the right path to take in your career or to move forward in your business?

Female Leaders

There are many wonderful female leaders in our world. There is so much we could learn from these innovative, brilliant women and each other. These women worked incredibly hard to climb the corporate ladder or start their own business. Their success was hard earned and commendable.

There are lessons they can share to help those still coming up to make the path less hard. Wouldn’t it be incredible to learn from them? Wouldn’t it be awesome to have one of these powerful women help you be successful?

I have not had a lot of women mentors in my career. As I now have an established career and growing small business I often look for ways I can help other women gr