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Hello This is Your Face Calling

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

I have fought acne the majority of my life. From sensitivities to lotions and perfumes to stress and hormonal changes my face tells the story of what I am dealing with on a regular basis. As I’ve gotten older sometimes my acne would calm down and other times it would flare up worse than ever. It is a rare occasion with my face is perfect without any blemishes.

Since I’ve stopped the costly dermatologist visits, expensive creams and medicines and went completely to natural facial products I have seen improvements. Massive improvements. I still get breakouts and sometimes it can seem nothing is working but compared to how it was my face has never been better positioned to fight back than now.

Maybe it’s not acne for you but rather dark spots, managing oil, extreme dryness, rough patches or some other ongoing skin situation that is just making it work to wash your face every day. Maybe it’s the first wrinkles cropping up around your eyes or the black hairs popping from your chin. We all get it sooner or later and it can be really disturbing.

The deal is our skin, particularly our face has a voice and often it uses breakouts, rashes, hives, extreme dryness and even those unsightly chin hairs to tell us about our body and health. Sometimes these face issues are simply our body’s way of eliminating toxins and it just couldn’t find a better way to do that than a nice big pimple on our cheek. The more we learn to understand these messages and clues the better we can respond and prevent.

Your Poor Face

Many facial care products on the market and available through prescription contain some severely harsh ingredients. The ingredients are strong enough to thin paint and come with more warnings about side effects than your average household cleaner yet we put them on our faces and go through burning, tingling and discomfort in the pursuit of having “good” skin.

Here’s the message I want everyone to get loud and clear – –


It is well behaved, obedient and good. It’s not your skin that’s the issue in the majority of situations. Our skin is meant to protect our insides and take in and out the things in our environment, food, water, and other that we encounter every day. It performs that job really well every day of your life. So applying a bunch of chemical products to your face is punishing your skin for just no reason at all.

Please stop punishing your face.

Blackheads and Pimples

No one wants to have a broken out face. Trying to cover pimples with makeup only ends up irritating it more and there is seriously no way to make them disappear. Trust me, they are still there and you know more than anyone where they are. Even the smallest pimple or blackhead can feel like a crater sitting on your face and be distracting when you’re at work, going out or just living life.

Breakouts like this happen when our pores become blocked, our hormones are shifting or our body is trying to get rid of something. That exit strategy your body used however just happens to be on your face and neck.

Our faces are the most exposed area of skin on our body. It is our face that is in all types of environmental situations surrounded by germs and pollution, dirt, grime and all else. Add on makeup and you have the perfect storm of potential for a breakout.

Our faces are also the most sensitive skin area so when things are going on in our body our faces are an easy exit place for the body to eliminate that stuff. From digestive issues, stress, hormones, health needs and other, our faces bear the brunt of that work going on in our body that we cannot otherwise see.

The best thing you can do for your face in these situations is cleanse it gently at couple times a day. Give your face the love it needs to heal.

I use the doTERRA HD Clear foaming wash. It is all natural essential oils that are good for supporting skin that is already irritated in a breakout and helping it heal while protecting it against other breakouts.

If the breakout is due to something going on in your body then you also need to address that. Is it a vitamin deficiency? Is it stress or lack of sleep? How is your diet? Again, addressing these issues with natural plant based answers will help your body heal and stop sending SOS messages through to your face in the form of pimples and blackheads.

Dry or Oily

All of us have a skin type that we inherited and over time it may even change. Seasons, our age and region we live also influence if we have oily or dry skin.

Without fail every time I had to fly to Arizona for work my skin would instantly change in the dry desert air. It was wonderful not to have a forehead full of oil by noon that made my makeup run into my eyes. However upon coming home I could anticipate returning to the humidity where I live and expecting my skin to instantly become oily again.

Oily skin is caused by having very dry skin. That can be hard to believe when you are sloughing off enough oil to fill a container but your body is trying to self moisturize to deal with dryness. The answer to controlling oil is increasing your moisturizer.

I have oily skin and have found when I increase my moisturizer I not only see less oil but also less breakouts. What I do is use the doTERRA Verage Moisturizer in the morning with 1 drop Yarrow/POM.

At night, I apply the doTERRA Verage Immortelle Hydrating Serum with 1 drop Frankincense and 1 drop Geranium. My skin stays super soft and oil has been much more manageable.

The oils that I’m adding to these two products are also doTERRA because they are 100% pure. The Yarrow/POM helps with wrinkles, dark spots and oil control during the day. Frankincense also helps with wrinkle management and dark spots while the Geranium helps with blemishes and skin tone.

Rashes and Hives

When we have encountered something that doesn’t agree with our skin it will come out in the form of a rash or hive. This can be the result of allergies, stress, food or environment. These itchy red spots can appear anywhere on our body beyond our face as well.

Step one in dealing with a rash is to stop the itching. If we continue to scratch at it we are further irritating our skin and potentially spreading that rash to other areas of our body. Lavender essential oil is a must in these situations. It is gentle and soothing while being effective at starting the healing process.

Apply neat (directly on the skin) or through a unscented natural lotion or fractionated coconut oil.

Once the itch is contained continue to use Lavender to heal the skin along with Myrrh. Adding in Myrrh expedites the skin healing and removes the redness.

Dark Spots

It can really be troubling to find a dark spot on your face or hands or elsewhere. Many of us will get dark spots from medication such as birth control, sun exposure or even just aging.

The answer to removing or lightening these spots is not harsh chemical scrubs that remove layers of your precious skin or burning it off with peels and products. Instead we can once again find really great results in natural forms forgoing the pain and irritation.

First of all that dark spot isn’t going to go any overnight. It will take some time but you will see lightening of it gradually. The things I have found to help remove a dark spot that showed on my forehead after years of birth control use was the doTERRA Brightening Gel along with the Frankincense oil and Yarrow/POM.

I started out just using the Brightening Gel and within 5-6 months the mark on my forehead was much lighter. The spot on my hand was gone. I was also using Frankincense through my nightly moisturizing routine. When doTERRA introduced the Yarrow/POM oil in September 2018 I started using it as well. The spot on my forehead is almost gone as of the writing of this post.

Interested in more?

Learning to speak your skin’s language is super important if you want to finally have control of what is going on with your skin. Responding to those messages with a natural certified pure therapeutic oil and product can support your skin to prevent reoccurrence too.

If you have questions about the products and oils mentioned int his post please reach out. I’m happy to help you get the information you need to make the right choice for you.

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