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Hello This is Your Face Calling

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

I have fought acne the majority of my life. From sensitivities to lotions and perfumes to stress and hormonal changes my face tells the story of what I am dealing with on a regular basis. As I’ve gotten older sometimes my acne would calm down and other times it would flare up worse than ever. It is a rare occasion with my face is perfect without any blemishes.

Since I’ve stopped the costly dermatologist visits, expensive creams and medicines and went completely to natural facial products I have seen improvements. Massive improvements. I still get breakouts and sometimes it can seem nothing is working but compared to how it was my face has never been better positioned to fight back than now.

Maybe it’s not acne for you but rather dark spots, managing oil, extreme dryness, rough patches or some other ongoing skin situation that is just making it work to wash your face every day. Maybe it’s the first wrinkles cropping up around your eyes or the black hairs popping from your chin. We all get it sooner or later and it can be really disturbing.

The deal is our skin, particularly our face has a voice and often it uses breakouts, rashes, hives, extreme dryness and even those unsightly chin hairs to tell us about our body and health. Sometimes these face issues are simply our body’s way of eliminating toxins and it just couldn’t find a better way to do that than a nice big pimple on our cheek. The more we learn to understand these messages and clues the better we can respond and prevent.

Your Poor Face

Many facial care products on the market and available through prescription contain some severely harsh ingredients. The ingredients are strong enough to thin paint and come with more warnings about side effects than your average household cleaner yet we put them on our faces and go through burning, tingling and discomfort in the pursuit of having “good” skin.

Here’s the message I want everyone to get loud and clear – –


It is well behaved, obedient and good. It’s not your skin that’s the issue in the majority of situations. Our skin is meant to protect our insides and take in and out the things in our environment, food, water, and other that we encounter every day. It performs that job really well every day of your life. So applying a bunch of chemical products to your face is punishing your skin for just no reason at all.

Please stop punishing your face.

Blackheads and Pimples

No one wants to have a broken out face. Trying to cover pimples with makeup only ends up irritating it more and there is seriously no way to make them disappear. Trust me, they are still there and you know more than anyone where they are. Even the smallest pimple or blackhead can feel like a crater sitting on your face and be distracting when you’re at work, going out or just living life.

Breakouts like this happen when our pores become blocked, our hormones are shifting or our body is trying to get rid of something. That exit strategy your body used however just happens to be on your face and neck.

Our faces are the most exposed area of skin on our body. It is our face that is in all types of environmental situations surrounded by germs and pollution, dirt, grime and all else. Add on makeup and you have the perfect storm of potential for a breakout.