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How An Oil Replaced a Kiss for a Boo-Boo

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Kisses make boo-boos stop hurting right? When our son was small we used this as a way to soothe and comfort when he had gotten a bump or scratch the same as many parents do. It didn’t take long though with our son being the literal meaning of everything kind of kid quickly realizing our kisses weren’t magical because his boo-boo would still hurt. It breaks my heart he no longer believes a kiss will make the boo-boo stop hurting and he instead asks for the band-aids and special oils that do work.

I buy a lot of band-aids in our house. Right now in fact there are 3 boxes of band-aids in our cabinet, all are opened and partially used. I never use to think about band-aids and rarely used them but it seems these days every other grocery list contains a refill of band-aids. Most of the time they are colorful or contain some popular character series from TV or movies. They are the small kid sized and variety packs full of different shapes and sizes. I honestly did not realize until I became a mom, despite working in health care for over 30 years, that band-aids came in so many shapes. It’s like an entire aisle at the store could be dedicated to the shape, color, size and character of the adhesive bandage. Band-aids are so popular in our house that I typically put some in our son’s holiday stocking each year as a reserve for when he needs them.

Perhaps it’s “just a boy” thing but our son is constantly showing us his latest scratch, bruise, bump and boo-boo. They’re not serious injuries and most don’t even bleed but he proudly displays them to us and tells the story of how they ended up on his legs or arms. These boo-boos usually come from riding his bike or playing with his friends and while harmless and part of growing up he sometimes thinks he needs a lot of band-aids to help fix them.

The Boo-Boo Oils

There are 2 oils that I keep ready for the band-aid boo-boo treatments as they arise. Both of these are from the doTERRA Kids Collection and can be purchased as a set with all the kids oil blends or individually.


This oil blend is wonderful for those late night growing pains and when he’s sore from playing hard. Simply roll it on where it hurts.

This oil blend is also wonderful for goose eggs, bumps and bruises. It works to restore the tissue and provide relief from these types of boo-boos that leave a painful mark. Again simply roll it on where needed.

The beauty of this oil is the roller ball bottle dispensing that makes it easy and painless to apply. It is also a gentle blend of oils that provide instant relief without the “heat” or sting. Lavender is a natural antibacterial ingredient that also provides some disinfectant support to the spot.


I love this oil blend and try to get our son to use it every day for its immunity support. This is a doTERRA oil blend that contains all the wonderful plants that can protect and boost our immunity. Again with the roller ball bottle simply apply to the skin.

In terms of using this oil for boo-boos it works really well for the scratches and marks that could become infected. It cleans and protects the skin while giving it an extra boost for immunity protection in these situations. It too will not have that “hot” sensation when applied to a boo-boo.

Correct X

Now the real secret to healing boo-boos is this little tube labeled Correct-X. This stuff is an oil blend that you apply before you put on a band-aid to help heal, repair and keep clean any wound. It also works excellently as a lip balm, cracked heels or any type of skin repair that is needed. It’s amazing how small the tube is but you need only 1 small drop to see results.

The power of this little tube to quickly heal the skin comes from the 5 oils that are blended together. Frankincense, Melissa and Helichrysum are excellent skin repairers while the Lavender soothes and the Melaleuca cleans. It’s the fastest thing I’ve ever seen work to repairing cracked heels that I seem to get a lot of in the winter months.

Interested in more?

So there you have it. The reason our son no longer thinks mommy kisses are magical and he asks for oils instead. While I’m a little heart broken over this and would like to be mad at doTERRA for stealing my magic mom kiss powers, I also have that proud mom moment feeling that our son recognizes what does work and it’s good for him. I’m proud that he will reach for his Kids Collection of oils and ask which one he should use and knows where to put it. I do still try to sneak in a kiss too just for good measure.

If you have questions about these products please reach out. I’m happy to help.

To purchase the Kid’s Collection and Correct X for your household boo-boos simply click here:

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