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How to Have a Stress Free Fall

Those winds of Fall often have us increasing our activities to “hurry” in anticipation of colder days and nights. It is instinctual to desire activities that link us to feeling like we are gathering, collecting, harvesting, and preparing. We often find ourselves doing things like organizing, rearranging and cleaning to make room for the changes that will soon come with indoor activities, family meals and holiday gatherings.

The undercurrent of Fall’s energy to get things done quickly but that can be stressful and overwhelming sometimes. We can feel uncertain where to start and what we need. These feelings of anxiousness can be demotivating and stall our ability to complete the tasks of preparing for the changes of the season. It can also make us feel overly tired and exhausted from trying to take on too much and feeling as a result we never get our to-do list complete. Yes Fall may be be a season of busy tasks but it is still a season of reflection and appreciation.

The splendor of Fall is the ability to take time to appreciate the changes occurring around us. The colors of the leaves, the warmth of close friends sharing time together, the tastes of harvested foods prepared with thoughtfulness and love. Being able to enjoy these tender moments is the slice of life that truly enriches our experience of being alive and breathing deeply and loving well. lives during this time of year. Enjoying these times requires us to find that balance of completing tasks in preparation and making time for these special moments.

Take Off

One of the most luxurious ways to enjoy Fall is to simply take an afternoon or whole day off. Go outside, take a walk. Head to the mountains and spend time hiking in the woods. Visit a farmers market and wander. Just being outside in these crisp days gives us a chance to rest while browsing and soaking in the warm rays of the sun.

I am not much of a tent camper but my family loves it so I try to do my best to enjoy sleeping in a tent. While I don’t care for the tent part I love the rest! The fresh cool air, the rippling creeks and crunching leaves. Listening the leaves fall from the trees in the woods is incredibly peaceful.

Make time to go outside and smell, feel and experience what Earth is showing us! Not only will you feel refreshed but you’ll come home feeling joyful. This is a season of recognizing our blessings and appreciating all that we have in this life, especially the simplicity and beauty that is around us every day.

Doze Off

This is one of my absolute most favorite pleasures. I love getting a book and laying in one of the backyard hammocks to read, listen to the birds and doze off in the warm Fall sun. (Yet I don’t like tents, go figure!) It is a simple pleasure of being part of nature and being cradled by it safely in my own yard. I love the smells of late summer flowers persisting in last blooms, the smell of pine trees and fresh dirt.

Many of us sleep incredibly better when the weather cools. Getting deep under some heavy homemade quilts and feeling the cool air touch your nose is comforting and restful. Finding those evenings when the temperature is cool but pleasant to sleep with the windows open is so good for our rest.

I love using a diffuser in our room at nighttime and will switch oils when it starts to cool off in Fall to include cinnamon, juniper berry, arborvitae, cypress and more wood and spice related oils for a heartier, warmer aroma that is restful and supportive during this time of year.

Daze Off

Sometimes the best way to take it all in is to daze off into a beautiful landscape and just admire it. Get comfy and find a quiet spot in a park or your own window and look fully at what is around you. Admire, appreciate, breathe it in and be thankful for it. These meditative moments of admiration are powerful at resetting our purpose and intention in life and finding ways to lovingly pay it forward. We all have busy schedules so finding those moments just to appreciate and see the world as it is helps us recall our blessings.

My favorite way to do this is to sit on my front porch on a quiet morning to watch the sun come up. I bring my favorite over-sized coffee mug filled with steamy fresh coffee (a splash of half and half cream and drop of peppermint oil) and just enjoy the quietness of my street. I look at the trees, flowers and grass and feel intense thankfulness to be where I am.

Moving Forward Naturally

Moving in grace and love through Fall is possible when we take the time to slow down and take in what is around us. We feel things more deeply and an emotional connection between us and Earth comes to our surface. This brings us balance to confidently move through our busy season tasks and release the stress from them.

If you are ready to embark on a natural health journey that will transform your life, then Fall is the season to support these changes. Using pure essential oils such as those from doTERRA gives you the full beautiful benefits of nature and support from me to help you along the way. Click here to get started:



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