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If the Clothes Make the Man, Why Don’t We Just Change Outfits?

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Do you know why designer labels are so expensive and fussed over even if they are the ugliest thing you have ever seen and regardless of the price there will be someone who buys and wears it?

It’s partly because of the exclusivity and prestige that is associated with a designer label stitched to that clothing. That alone helps drive up the prices to astronomical levels and let’s designers think they can dictate what size, shape and look we should all be to be considered beautiful (in their clothing of course). However, there’s another side to this that I think is the bigger reason designer clothes are so sought after.  The big secret reason is …..

it makes us feel fabulous.

Seriously, when you put on a designer high end outfit or something “special” you feel beautiful, confident and in the life of luxury.  Poof, just like that!


Somehow by slipping into that outfit all of who we are, including our self-worth, self-love, self-esteem and everything we are about are tied to being able to fit in and wear that designer outfit. We have fit into what someone has defined as the scope of what beautiful and confident look like. BUT we feel good in that moment. We think we look good and boy oh boy do we want to strut our stuff for everyone to see it.

All because of some fabric that was sewn together with a label from some designer.

Do We Just Need a Change of Clothes?

If being happy and loving ourselves was as simple as buying an expensive designer outfit I think many of us would be hitting the stores right now. Unfortunately, as we all know that rush and feeling is temporary and a surface level high that doesn’t eliminate or fix much at all in our life.

We should definitely treat ourselves well and enjoy splurging for nice things when it makes sense in our life but that does not replace the need to actually demonstrate real love to ourselves every day.

Let’s get clear that self-love is not fabric with fancy labels.

If you want to really get at the bones of self-love you need to find the space to figure out who you are and how you tick.

What you wear in that process is entirely up to you.

The important part is not to just fit into someone else’s view of beautiful, confident and worthy.

Be Your Own Designer

I challenge you to find your own voice and practice listening to yourself. Talk about yourself to yourself.

Are the words you use yours or something someone else said to you?

We like to follow others so that we fit in and can be seen unique yet lovable. However, when we follow a trend or certain crowd we can lose our own voice. We shape who we are based on what someone else sees us to be.

If you’re known as the comedian in your circle of friends, would they find it strange if you stopped being funny?

We all have roles to play in our life and those roles have expectations placed on them by us and those who influence that role, like our employer, family, friends, etc. However, for true self-love to prosper we have to find a way to include being ourselves in each of those roles.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could be our true self all the time?

If the Shoe Doesn’t Fit

Remember all the girls who tried on Cinderella’s shoe before her?

glass slipper

Sometimes no matter how hard we try to fit into a role, it just doesn’t fit us. We have to honor that message and use it as catalyst for finding what it is right for us.

With our focus on discovering self-love this month, there’s been a lot of emphasis and encouragement for taking time to be by yourself. This is very hard to do. Primarily because most of us don’t like being alone and secondly because we are constantly on our electronics quasi connected to other people 24/7.

However, having the courage to spend some time talking to yourself and discovering who you are is one of the best ways to say to yourself,

I Am Beautiful

I Am Enough

I Like Me

Here’s some oils I like to use when I need a good talk with myself to remind me that I “got this.” It might be a mess but I am capable and strong and beautiful to handle it. Hopefully these will help you on that process too so you can find your glass slipper.

Lavender – helps us be calm but also helps us express in our own voice. This oil supports your own identity and genuine message so you can be true to you.


Bergamot – This is the oil of self-acceptance and supports confidence building. It helps you be present and not confuse future images of yourself with where you are right now and that right now you are not any less valuable than you will as your future self.  I love this oil for dieting and that discouragement we all get when we feel we’re just never going to lose that weight and look good. Yes you will. Yes you look good now.


Wintergreen – This crisp oil is the oil of positive feelings about yourself. Using this oil helps you separate the negative self-talk and find ways to put things in perspective.


Juniper Berry – This is the oil of self expression. Once you have found your voice and confidence to speak your truth this is your oil to help release any hesitation you have about doing that.


Interested in more?

Feeling good about yourself can happen at any size or shape. Doing so, does not mean you don’t want to improve yourself, but it means you accept who you are right now. It means you are beautiful right now.

If you have questions about any of the oils mentioned in this post or any other products offered by doTERRA for your natural health support please reach out!

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