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Immortal Cow Bitter

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

It’s not a pretty nickname but Blue Tansy is known by a few names of these rather interesting labels, including cow bitter, bachelor, golden button and even cheese. These are interesting nicknames to be sure and I’m really not sure on how each nickname was given as an accurate description of the plant or it’s uses.

The other confusing thing about Blue Tansy is the fact the flowers are actually yellow. There is nothing blue about the plant until the stems, leaves and flowers are stem distilled. It is during the distilling process where the blue comes out of the plant giving us this interesting thick essential oil.

Growing most prevalent in Morocco today, Blue Tansy was historically known to grow in Europe, Greece and what is now Great Britain. The Greeks were first to use this plant medicinally. It was later used by Charlemagne and Benedictine monks as herb for medicine.

Medicinal Blue Tansy

The Greek healers were the first to figure out that blue tansy was supportive in treating fevers, sores, join inflammation and digestive problems including intestinal worms.

Today, pure doTERRA Blue Tansy is effectively used to support:

  1. Allergies

  2. Rashes

  3. Acne

  4. Eczema

  5. Psoriasis

  6. Sunburns

  7. Fibromyalgia

  8. Arthitis

  9. Rheumatism

  10. Fungus infections

  11. Asthma

  12. Sinus headaches

  13. Colds and flu

  14. Mumps

  15. Chicken pox

  16. Bug bites

  17. Thyroid function

Applying this oil diluted through fractionated coconut oil or lotion to the skin in the area of concern provides relief and support in long term treatments. This oil is not recommended for internal ingestion.

Beauty Needs

Blue Tansy was also used by ancient Greeks as part of their beauty regime. They used the word Athanaton to describe this oil which translates to immortal. Added to lotions and creams it was beneficial for skin tone, acne, dark spots and rashes.

Applying this oil requires dilution.

The Oil of Inspired Action

Diffusing doTERRA Blue Tansy provides additional benefits to our emotional well-being. This oil helps remove writer’s block, low energy and procrastination.

If you’re looking to write your life’s novel or emerge a deep passion into a tangible action then doTERRA Blue Tansy is a perfect compliment. This oil encourages overcoming setbacks and roadblocks to find creative solutions and move forward with choices.

Blue Tansy Companions

When using this oil, these additional oils can provide enhanced benefits and support.

  1. Coriander for helping navigate choices and right path

  2. Roman Chamomile for overcoming distractions that are adding to our procrastination

  3. Fennel for listening to our body and inner messages

  4. Clary Sage for hormonal balancing and fertility

Interested in more?

The ancient Greeks were onto something when they discovered the healing support of blue tansy. Today, with doTERRA’s high quality purity generation of this oil we can fully appreciate what these early medicinal healers had learned long ago.

If you have questions or would like more information please reach out!

To get your own doTERRA Blue Tansy to try for yourself, simply click here:

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