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Inspiring Action to Exercise

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Finding the right momentum to help you get started and keep going with exercise is key to long term success. Often we start out super excited about wanting to lose weight or get healthy and slam our body with hours of exercise and new routines only to see our excitement fizzle flat in a couple weeks. Other times we just have a hard time getting started and while knowing we need to get more active we never seem to make the scheduled time to actually do it.

Without increasing our activity long term health goals like losing weight are going to be an uphill challenge to achieve. So what’s the answer when you are procrastinating to start or losing your motivation to keep going?

Getting Started

Every new item you buy that needs instructions to setup and start using comes with a nifty booklet that starts out with the words “Getting Started.” Wouldn’t it be nice if exercising came with the same booklet? Here’s my humble opinion of what that would look like:

First find a couple cute outfits that you want to put on to exercise in. They should comfortable and make you feel confident.

Next invest in a good pair of shoes and socks.

Then find something you enjoy doing. If it feels like a chore or must-do activity than eventually we’re going to rebel and find ways not to keep doing it. When you’re just getting started it needs to be something you are looking forward to at the beginning or end of your day. It should excite you and be interesting that you want to do it many times.

I would add to this list by also saying you need to prepare your body and mind for this change you’re about to embark on. Start increasing your water intake so your muscles have adequate hydration. Include some essential oils in your water like Grapefuit or Lemon to fend off water weight and help detox your body.

Boost your metabolism with higher protein foods. You need the extra energy to support being more active, especially in beginning. Include doTERRA’s Slim & Sassy gum in your day to curb cravings and take a Mito2Max to increase your stamina.

The other recommendation I would include is DDR Prime. This natural supplement is full of good things that will support your body in cell regeneration so the benefits from exercising can be further realized. When we replace our cells with new stronger, healthy cells we are increasing our performance, endurance and benefits from being healthier. By combining exercise with DDR Prime we are enhancing the activity we are doing with a supplement our body needs to use that healthy activity for the good of our cells.

The Dreaded Plateau

There are always times when we’ve been exercising for a while and we suddenly lose interest, are not motivated or feel our focus is being pulled elsewhere. It takes consistent discipline and dedication to keep moving on an exercise goal and we all need help with that from time to time.

Blue Tansy is known as the oil of inspired action. It helps us overcome procrastination and feelings of resistance to what we know we need to do. We can use this oil to help combat self-sabotage and prevent reverting back to unhealthy habits. This oil will help us fee in control of where we want to go and support the choices we need to make for that to happen.

When we apply this oil to our neck base and heart we can feel encouraged and aligned with our inner voice that pushes us to continue our health journey. We can envision what we will look like when we reach that health goal and use that get our sneakers on and legs moving.

I actually use this oil a lot for when I need to not only exercise but also focus on activities that I need a push on getting started. It helps turn that sluggish feeling of dread into one of anticipation and desire.

Interested in more?

If you’re ready to start your health journey and are looking for the right tools for support and Getting Started let’s talk! I’m happy to answer any questions and help you find the oils and natural products that are perfect for your needs.

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