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Into the Mist of Diffuser Benefits

When we diffuse essential oils it is one of the most direct and effective ways we can realize benefits from the oils. The aromatic method of essential oil use works quickly to enter our bodies and deliver those benefits to help with many conditions and concerns.


Diffusing oils means we use it in a way that it is able to be inhaled through our nose and mouth. This can occur through a diffuser, such as a plug in diffuser, jewelry or other medium, or through direct inhalation of the essential oil through its bottle.

The benefits of diffusing essential are numerous!

  1. Enhancing memory

  2. Managing emotions

  3. Providing hormonal support

  4. Improving moods and attitudes

  5. Providing energy and uplifting feelings

  6. Increasing focus and attention

  7. Providing respiratory support

  8. Purifying air

  9. Reducing allergens, dander and dust

  10. Providing soothing during physical illness

Quality matters not only with the essential oil that is used but also the diffuser. If the diffuser is under-powered or not well made it may not provide the capacity for diffusing the oil in the room and delivering the benefits your seeking.

An ideal diffuser has an auto-shutoff and high capacity mist output.

If you’re going to invest in essential oils then it only makes sense to invest in a quality diffuser so you can maximize enjoyment and benefit from diffusing oils.

Interested in more?

doTERRA has some very nice high quality diffusers that work great and provide all of the benefits possible from diffusing their oils. If you’d like to diffuse oils, please take a look at their products.

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