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Is Natural Healthcare Right for You?

There is a growing conversation about natural health these days that is both exciting and concerning. I find it exciting because it means the emergence of appreciating how beautifully designed our bodies are and finding ways to let them do what they do well. It is however also concerning because many people do not understand what that means. We have become accustomed to quick fixes that relief what we are feeling so we can jump back into our stress filled lives. Natural health is about true healing and building health that influences our entire life.

What exactly is Natural Health?

Natural health means letting the body do what it was designed to do. Our bodies have the ability to defend us from illnesses and diseases and heal from problems. Applying natural health means supporting these functions so our body is best positioned to protect, defend and heal.

It is non-invasive, non-toxic, non-chemical based healthcare. This means it uses things like natural supplements, organic foods, water, plants, minerals, roots, flowers and more from nature.

Natural health has many types of services and practitioner types. Many of these services can be offered online and in-person.

What about care I’m getting from my doctor?

Follow your doctor’s orders and any prescribed medications. A natural health practitioner cannot change what your doctor has setup for you. You can talk about this with your natural health practitioner and ask questions. There may be natural options to compliment what your doctor has ordered. Likewise you should fill in your doctor on any natural products you are using.

Natural health care can be complimentary to your doctor’s care. In many cases, using both can help you find improvements faster. It also gives you information to work with your doctor to ensure the medications you are taking are the right dose and offer you options on how long you need them. It certainly makes you more aware as a healthcare consumer to know what to ask of your doctor when you see them.

Some doctors may give you a difficult time for choosing to look at natural health care options. If your doctor is unwilling to discuss it, shames or berates you for it, consider changing doctors. As patients we are always at the center of our health and are empowered to make the decisions right for us. Many doctors do not agree with natural health because it is not in their field of study and does not align with their learning of pharmacy based medications and treatments.