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It’s All a Trick to Lock Me In

One of the hesitations I hear about opening a new account with doTERRA is the fear that doing so will result in the person being required to order something every month.

That simply is not true with doTERRA.  

Opening a new wholesale membership account simply means you have chosen to receive 25% or more off retail prices on doTERRA’s CPTG essential oils and products.  You are never under any obligation to purchase any oil or product at any time to retain your membership account.

When you enroll as a new wholesale member you have the choice of paying the $35 initial membership fee and selecting any products you would like immediately or waiving that fee and opting for one of the discounted member starter kits as well as any additional products you may like at wholesale prices. Either is a very economical and intentional way to start transitioning your life to natural based products and support. See these posts on my site for more information:

  1. “Three Popular Sets” from March 23, 2018

  2. Maximum Benefits from March 1, 2018

After your membership is processed you can order whenever and whatever you like choosing from the incredible selection of high quality CPTG essential oils, skin care, personal care, home care and other items for your home, family and yourself. Products are delivered direct to your door and with their online ordering system you don’t even have to talk to anyone if you don’t want to.

Each year your membership will come up for renewal at a cost of $25. Upon renewal doTERRA will send you a free 15ml bottle of Peppermint (wholesale price of $27.50). This in my mind means my membership is free each year.

Maximizing Your Membership

Now if you want to maximize your membership savings, there are ways to do that with the doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program. This again is completely optional and can be changed or cancelled at any time without penalty or even an explanation.

At any time, and under no obligation, during your membership you can choose to participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP). This program is an excellent way to save on your essential oils and other great doTERRA products. It is called the LRP because participation over time can equate to at least 55% off retail prices. This is how I purchase my doTERRA oils and products and because I also sell doTERRA this level of savings plus my commission often mean I’m paying nothing for my oils.

You don’t however have to sell doTERRA or be a long time LRP participant to see great savings.

Immediately with a new LRP setup, a member will receive the 25% off retail prices plus 10% back in points applied to their account plus their shipping costs refunded with points. That’s a 35% savings on your essential oils purchases that you can apply to future purchases. That will incrementally increase over the next 12 months to 30% in points refunded on each LRP order getting you to 55% savings.

Example of a typical order at my house:

  1. 1 – 15ml bottle of Breathe $20 with 20PV (retail $26.66)

  2. 1- 15ml bottle of Lavender $21 with 21PV (retail $28)

  3. 1 – 15ml bottle of Clove $14 with 14PV (retail $18.67)

  4. on Guard 64 load bottle of Laundry Detergent $27.50 with 20PV (retail $36.67)

  5. On Guard Natural Whitening Toothpaste $8.50 with 5PV (retail 11.33)

  6. On Guard Sanitizing Mist $6.50 with 5PV (retail $8.67)

  7. HD Clear Facial Kit $46 with 40PV (retail $61.33)

  8. FREE Product of the Month $0 with 0PV (retail approx $20)

Wholesale the total of this order is $143.50  and 125 in PV so this order would qualify for the free Product of the Month.

  1. For new LRP participants they will earn 14.35 in points and at least 4 points from shipping (18.35 points total)

  2. For LRP participants of at least 12 months, they will receive 43.05 in points and at least 4 points from shipping (47.05 points total)

  3. Both members will receive the free Product of the Month because this order is at least 125 in PV

Customers who chose to purchase this same order at retail would spend $172.66 and will not receive:

  1. NO points refunded

  2. NO refund on shipping

  3. NO free Product of the Month

  4. If they chose the Product of the Month to their order for this example it would be an additional $20 to their total

So grand total for our retail customer would be $196.66

The difference on this order between a wholesale member and retail customer is a dollar amount of $53.16.  This doesn’t include the additional savings received from points!

For our new LRP member those savings would increase to $95.51 if we count:

  1. 18.35 in points

  2. 4 shipping points

  3. An approximate $20 for Free Product of the Month

For the LRP member who has participated in LRP for the past 12 months those savings would be $124.21!

  1. 47.05 points

  2. 4 shipping points

  3. An approximate $20 for Free Product of the Month

Participation in the LRP provides access to the free Product of the Month offering from doTERRA. By placing your LRP order by the 15th of the month with at least a 125PV amount, doTERRA automatically includes the free Product of the Month to your order.

Points can be accumulated but will expire 1 year from when they were earned. I will typically save up my points for an oil I want that may be out of my budget or I will use the points to replenish oils that we have gone through. It’s actually been a long time since I used actual money to purchase oils in our home with this program.

You can cancel your LRP at any time with no explanation needed.

To me, this is not the definition of being locked in at all. I see it as a whole bunch of savings to help me and my family have a healthy lifestyle.

Interested in more?

Are you ready to transition to a natural solution routine in your home and health?

I will help you setup your membership and select oils that are perfect for your needs and interest. I will also show you how to maximize your savings and answer any questions you may have about using your oils.

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