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It’s Just Shampoo Right?

I am a long time user of Aveda hair products. My hair is naturally curly and it needs some extra conditioner to keep the curls from getting frizzy, especially since I do like to straighten my hair for work.  As much as I like my curls, there is a time and place for curly and sometimes important meetings and work isn’t the place. It’s much akin to the idea that glasses make you look smarter.

Over the years of trying different products for my hair I have come to believe that yes it does matter what shampoo and conditioner you use on your hair as well as what products you use for styling. Regardless of hair type, there are formulas of hair products that will work better for you and give you the desired results you want whether that is extending hair color, protecting from split ends, controlling fizz, volume, etc. It is as important as a good haircut.

In my transition to natural products in use around our home, I changed my beloved Aveda Brilliant Shampoo and Conditioner for the doTERRA shampoo and conditioner. I do however still use my Brilliant styling products and do not intend to deviate from those. Those of you with curly hair will understand perfectly when I say, once you find a product that works on your curly hair you stay with it FOREVER.

As much as I love my Aveda shampoo and conditioner I was brave and we tried the doTERRA shampoo and conditioner.  So far, we have gone through two bottles of the doTERRA shampoo and conditioner. This is my opinion and feedback based on this experience.

  1. It does smell wonderful! I really like the orange that comes out in the blend of oils.

  2. The shampoo does give a nice rich lather and like my Aveda shampoo you don’t have to use a lot to get the lather through thick hair

  3. My hair feels clean after use.

  4. My hair doesn’t feel waxy or weighed down from product

  5. The conditioner also contains a really nice texture and applies nicely through my hair

  6. I have noticed since switching my hair is more frizzy than it was before. It still feels soft and doesn’t tangle with the curls but it does seem to go to frizz more frequently even with still using the Aveda styling products

  7. My hair feels drier overall. I do attribute this to the change in shampoo and conditioner  since that’s the only part that’s changed

As much as I love doTERRA and the many products that I have switched to natural alternatives this is one where I’m not finding the awesome results I hoped for. In this case, my opinion is it is not a product failure but rather I believe the shampoo and conditioner are just not formulated for my hair type. I think these  particular products are ideal for hair types that fall into the normal category of not needing regular extra moisture or conditioning. They work and I would use them in a pinch but for every day needs of my hair they’re just not performing to the level I was getting with my Aveda products when it comes to managing curly hair.

I do hope doTERRA expands their hair product line to accommodate different hair types as I would definitely try again. For now though we will be going back to Aveda Brilliant and waiting patiently for the scientists at doTERRA to find us a magical formula for curly hair types.


Interested in more?

I will only write on doTERRA products and oils that we have personally used. The opinions expressed are always my own and based on my own personal experience. Even though the shampoo and conditioner products didn’t work for me in this case, they are still great products and I know others that love them without issue. As with any essential oil and natural alternative product you try results can vary.

If you’re interested in trying a healthy alternative to improve your health, reduce toxins in your home or expand your knowledge about essential oils in general, please reach out. I’m always happy to answer your questions, provide information and help you find the oils and products that are right for you and your needs.


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