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June’s Rites of Passage

June is a month for rites of passage. Many major life events seem to occur in this fair weather month. It almost seems a more important month for change and transition than New Years in many respects.

Some will graduate from school starting life as emerging adults, fresh faced and ready to take on life and the working world that will pave their way. This is a period of celebration and recognition for achieving educational milestones before embarking on the next adventure of life. We encourage those taking this important first step with inspirational messages, important reminders, well-wishes and beautiful cards filled with money.

Weddings are another normal occurrence in June. Here two people commit to sharing their life journey together and make promises to stand by one another through the blessings and storms life may bring them. This is a celebration of love and partnership that will hold us to another for the rest of our days.

When you think about it, June is the perfect month for such rituals and rites transitioning us from one phase of life to another. It is the beginning of the summer season complete with the equinox marking the official passing of one season to another. It is pass the cold, bitter and restful times of winter and the blusters of emerging spring providing ripeness and fullness into our view. While for many of us the beginning of summer signals the time for lazy summer days filled with relaxation and fun it is also the time you can get plans in motion, take action and realize smooth sailing as you start out on a new adventurous journey. It seems we feel more naturally energized, focused and ready to embark to the pool or to a new chapter entirely.

Below are some of my favorite oils and diffuser blends supporting the emotional things we feel and experience that come with rites of passage – whether that is you going out on our own, starting a new phase of your life or if you’re a parent watching this transition happen for your child. There is a lot that goes through our hearts and minds at a time like this that we need to support and embrace.


May your summer be filled with love, laughter and good oils to see you through!

Interested in more?

If you would like to experience essential oils in your life or have questions, please let me know. I’m happy to help you get accurate information and help you find the oils that are perfect for you.

Our Summer Drop Series starts today! This is a free, no sales collaborative group to share what natural based products and essentials oils we use to keep healthy all summer. If you’ve never used oils or use another brand, all are welcome! We invite everyone to share their tricks and we’ll share what we’re doing in posts and videos.

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Summer Drop Series
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