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Lavender Love

There is a love affair with lavender underway. Maybe it’s the result of the essential oil phenomenon.

Maybe it’s something deeper.

So many of us are stressed, overworked, uber busy and running at level 10 all the time we are seeking relief where we can get it. Often that means spritzing a little lavender in the air for the appearance of being calm if nothing else.

Intrinsically, people understand nature and plants can help them. Yet, we often miss the boat on what and how to use nature in the best possible way to achieve those desired results. We see pretty labels with the purple flowers, commercials with calm babies and happy homes all packaged with the reasonable price tag and think we are answering our need.

The trouble is, using lavender scented products is not the same as using lavender. Products with a lavender scent are most likely chemically and synthetic produced scents that only temporarily give you a smell that is similar to lavender but does not provide any benefit or value.

It’s the equivalent of tossing sugar in the air and hoping life becomes instantly sweeter.

How It Happens

Marketing people have figured out they can influence shoppers by playing certain types of music at certain times of the day to influence purchases. This same technique is applied to the soap and cleaner aisle of the market to first draw you into the aisle by acknowledging it smells nice, even clean, and second to draw your eyes to the brightly marked bottles with pretty labels.

As a result, we follow these pushes to buy billions of dollars of products each year that contain not one twig of real lavender and can be actually bad for us, bad for our homes and bad for the environment. The sad part is we end up missing out on something that could actually help us relax, center ourselves and be healthier, happier people!

Lavender has so many benefits that will never be realized from a lavender scented air freshener you purchase in the market. Anything that says lavender scented can be 99.9% read as not having lavender contained in that product.