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Let’s Get Real About Service

Recently,  a Wellness Advocate on my doTERRA team had a really big problem enrolling someone. It was something I have never seen happen before. Quite seriously,  you name what could go wrong to make a bad first impression to a new customer and it happened all in this same situation.

The core issue in this situation was technology failed in several areas and people failed to recognize how to provide service. A lot of time, phone calls, emails, texts and instant messages were in high gear to get it fixed for this customer.

Technology fails, every body understands that.

However, sometimes we let the technology blips be the excuse and it creates more than just a one time problem. When we say service cannot occur because of technology, we limit our service opportunities and lower our delivery standards.  We reduce our business growth potential, relationship capacity and external impressions others have of us. We are the face to our business not our computers.

I use the word excuse because that’s what it is… an excuse.

Service is actually a person-to-person activity that can and should occur completely free of technology as much as possible.


It’s SHOCKING I know!

What is Your Business?

Selling product through a network marketing organization is sales. That is your job. Service is your business. Regardless of your business type it all comes down to service.

A lot of business transactions, sales and service occur over the Internet and through technology. There is nothing wrong with that business model as long as it also includes in the service experience a personal connection to your customers.

It is so important to establish a rapport and relationship with your customers so they trust you, want to give their hard earned money to you and bring you new customers in the form of referrals.

If you don’t invest in those relationships, then you will be constantly chasing sales.

Service Growth

Creating new contacts cold, meaning you have no prior connection to that person or business, is the hardest and most expensive way to grow your business.

It can work but you will put in a lot more hours, money and effort to establish yourself in this situation and convince them they should purchase through you.  There is also a higher rejection rate with this approach.

Think about when you started your business. What was the hardest part?

I’m betting, like me, it was making that first contact to someone and convincing them to enroll or purchase through you.