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Letting Go of Anchors

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Sometimes the best self love we can give ourselves is a cleaning out of all that is no longer serving us. Whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual clutter the things, thoughts and feelings we keep in our space can be the very things that are holding us back from a deeper relationship with ourselves.

People by nature are collectors, hoarders and savers. We think we’ll find a use for something or that another item is worth saving because it holds a special memory or experience. It’s like we create our own gift shop of memorable trinkets that we end up carrying with us physically, emotionally and spiritually the rest of our lives. Sometimes these trinkets are treasured memories or special moments and others are the result of circumstances that are less than healthy for us. Sometimes it’s just “stuff” we are holding on to for no reason at all. At some point all that stuff can be dragging us rather than supporting us and causing the very thing that is in the way of us having time, money and space for that which will free us to be who we are meant to be.

Keep – Toss – Sell

Every now and then it’s very freeing to sort through the rooms of your home and categorize your physical items into the traditional keep, toss or sell piles. We not only eliminate things we no longer use but we open up our physical space to appreciate the organization, freshness and opportunity for what we want.

I personally love tearing into a closet and doing this purge process. It physically and emotionally feels good to me. I have a hard time when I am surrounded by too much stuff as it makes me feel overwhelmed, constrained and weighted down. It is nice to have things handy when I need them but if I can’t find them, don’t remember them or its frustrating to find time to use them then it’s usually because there’s too much other stuff in the way. I realize this is just physical things but I feel like I can’t breathe when I’m surrounded by too much of it. Clearing out a space, organizing it and eliminating what isn’t needed anymore is empowering. I feel creative, energized and freed.

The act of cleaning out a physical space creates simplicity that can also create time and financial freedoms we may not have otherwise realized because we are no longer tied to tasks of caring for things that don’t serve us. We’re not making payments on them, dusting them, moving them around, blocking us from what we do need or letting them control our space. When we let go of these types of things from our life we create a positive flow to align our lives.

These oils are helpful in finding that courage to start this purge process of your physical space as well as clean it so you can feel this sense of freedom and accomplishment.

Lemongrass is a powerful surface cleaning oil. Permanent marker, stains, and the like can be wiped out. In a physical space, this can be empowering to let go of what you don’t need or use any longer and get down to the grit so things are in a way that make you happy.

wa-lemongrass (1)

Lemon is another excellent cleaning oil for its ability to break down grime and dust and hep us focus on eliminating excess. We often think of lemon in our drinking water for detoxing the body but that same principal works in our physical space.


Lime is the oil of gratitude and helps us take a breath and enjoy the simplicity of life. That feeling can help us be aware of our daily blessings and share what we have with others. That feeling is very helpful when you are uncertain whether to keep something or give it to a charity.

lime-oil (1)

Sorting and Deciding

The same can be said about our emotional and spiritual spaces. While we cannot physically see these things we can certainly feel the weight of what is there. This can include toxic relationships, unfulfilling work, obligations, responsibilities and other “baggage” we carry with us every day. Unlike our homes, these types of clutter go with us everywhere we go.

We all have emotional and spiritual baggage. There is never a time we are without it in fact. It is quite akin to being a savvy traveler who knows how to pack everything in one bag or being one that needs 5 bags to bring what you need for a vacation.


In many respects the emotional and spiritual baggage is harder to sort and eliminate because we are so familiar with it and are used to having it around. However, we know, deep down we really do know what is healthy for us and what we need to do about it.

These oils can help with this process and transformation of redoing your emotional and spiritual baggage so it is lighter to carry forward.

Sandalwood is a spiritual oil that helps us settle our mind and become aware of what is in our bags. Understanding and recognizing these thoughts, feelings, people, relationships and other as a whole helps us level set where we are and what is best for us.


Cedarwood is our oil of support. This oil helps us recognize the helpers, cheerleaders, supporters and encouraging people in our life. This oil helps us see our circle of trust and love and who is in it so we can call upon them to help us in our transformation.


Siberian Fir is the oil of restoration and reclaiming our life. This oil helps us work through the removal of toxicity in our lives from relationships, patterns, habits, co-dependencies, and abuse. We can use this oil to support our work in removing the negativity and drama that is causing us stress and taking away from self love.


Interested in more?

A good place to start in practicing self love is by cleaning out our space, physically, emotionally and spiritually. This is a transformation process that will not only make space for yourself but reclaim your life as your own and what you need in it.

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