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Life Inside the Cubicle

I’ve worked in the corporate world for the past 30 years and have worked for a lot of different companies in that time span. We all start a job a little excited thinking it’s going to be great. The benefits are great, the vacation time is great and maybe even our manager and teams are great. As I’ve gone through my career I’ve even considered some companies the place I will work the rest of my career because I really thought they were it and a slice a bread.

Then the shine starts to come off that penny and we realize things aren’t so great. Promises made aren’t kept. Raises and bonuses are low because they had a bad year but the big bosses still got their cuts. Our presentation is ripped to shreds. There’s constant pressure to do more with less. We work long hours. We give up a lot of our lives in order to bring home a paycheck.  We become numb on that drive to the office every day to sit in a neutral colored cubicle surrounded by rules, politics and self-serving assholes. Even if we are “super busy” at work, inside we are less and less passionate. We do our time and get out.

My personal favorite is the company culture program. Training designed to teach people how to be nice and uphold this concept that we can work together every day and not be jerks to each other. Millions spent each year on these glossy messages, training programs to understand personalities, and teach “acceptable” behaviors but at the end of the day we return to our cubicle and pick up the stack of work that is overdue because we were in training the past couple days. Nothing ultimately changes in how people are treated, bullying still occurs, politics still rule the office but yes the culture program is awesome! Go Team!

We come home exhausted, stressed out and irritated. We have little left to give those we love because work has literally sucked the life out of us that day.  Our minds toil all night about the meeting, event, interaction, etc. that happened that day or the follow up you now need to have because of it.

I still work in the corporate world – out of necessity, not desire or passion.  The concept that work in a corporate cubicle is truly rewarding and good has been officially beaten out of me.

A lot of people I know can say the same thing, you probably can too. If you do, please tell me in the comments of this post. Vent! Swear! It’s all ok, get it out. I get it. I’m in the cubicle next you.

We know it’s a necessary evil so while inside it’s something we dread we put on our shoes each day and go through it. Sacrificing our very life and time because, well, we need to live. We need to pay mortgages, car payments, food, college, clothing, etc. I get it. I’m doing it every day too.

Is that really what a quality work life is supposed to look like?

The desire and dreams I had when I entered my first job in health care was to help people and do good things for others through the jobs I held at these corporations. For a long time I believed I was doing that through my jobs in these corporations. Over time, you realize the desire to do good isn’t what matters in many corporations. It’s really about profit and growth, budgets, spreadsheets and bottom lines. It’s also a good part about greed, personal agendas and personal gains.

Yes, there are many corporations that have wonderful foundations, volunteer programs, they do good in the communities but this is secondary to profit and growth. If profits go down, aside from cutting staff, slashing budgets, cutting raises and bonuses, what do you think also gets cut? That’s right, the giving back programs, the things that a community is depending on, those fun, rewarding tidbits employees can contribute and participate on to feel they are paying it forward.

Is Anybody Out There?

When I found doTERRA and heard they do things different. I was very skeptical because I had heard that a lot in the corporate world. Pretty promises, good stewardship packed in nice words. doTERRA was also a network marketing company so I immediately thought of the high pressure sales and distribution models that are out there. It took a long time for me to even consider looking at this company at any level of seriousness.

Well…. doTERRA really is …different.

One of best things I love about doTERRA is their commitment to helping others. One of the largest areas that is done is through their process of sourcing the plants and elements and in the processing into the oils. doTERRA’s attention to quality in their oils is superior.

Sourcing video: 

They also have several active small and large programs they personally support. Here is a very recent example of what they did to help O.U.R. (Operation Underground Railroad)

They were recently named the 2018 Global Leader in this industry.

That’s a proud moment to realize you are sharing the world’s best oils with others. Even more personally, you are sharing that with your family. It is helping them be healthy and supporting them every day with their needs while it is also helping others. For me, I took a minute to appreciate that.

doTERRA didn’t get to this position by treating others poorly. They didn’t slash budget, cut staff, and generally be anything like what you see in a traditional corporation. The leaders of the company, there are 7 of them, have to ALL agree on major decisions before it is implemented. The culture of the company is more than just words.

I admit it is still very weird to be able to say that about a corporation. I also think that’s why sometimes it’s hard to share this with people, because they really can’t believe it either. The brutality of corporate life inside a cubicle has broken our belief there could be better.

My Personal Note to doTERRA

I want to say Thank You doTERRA for showing me my passion and desire don’t have to wilt and die any longer. Thank you for re-inspiring me and recharging me. Thank you for letting me see there is still good in the world where people actually do act on helping others and lifting each other up. That there is more to life than killing myself in a cubicle.

I am still building my doTERRA business and some times it is really hard to see wins but I’m not giving up. You have shown me there is a lifeline out of the cubicle world and into a place I can work without giving up my soul and feeling beaten down. A place where I can eventually support my family full time at or even above where we are now. Real productive, meaningful work where I can use my talents, experience, skills and creativity in a way that does truly pay it forward and help others in a meaningful, honest way and where integrity actually means something.

Thank you doTERRA.

Interested in more?

If you’re where I am in the corporate world and are willing to consider there is even a remote chance something better is out there, please reach out to me.

Let me show you what I found and share with you how to build your lifeline out of your cubicle. Cubicles suck but you don’t have to let it suck the life out of you any more.

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