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Mom’s Daisy

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

One of the most recognized and well-used flowers on our planet is Chamomile. Known as ground apples by the ancient Greeks because of the aroma and flower being similar to that of apple blossoms, chamomile flowers have a deep history when it comes to our health. Be honest, everyone has had a cup of chamomile tea at some point in their life right?

Once used to flavor beer before the discovery of hops and used as a scented water to give Roman soldiers courage before a battle, chamomile has also been used in perfumes, religious ceremonies and medicinal support for generations. This sweet wildflower was considered a gift by the Egyptians from their sun god, letting them know when it was time for planting. In early Christianity, chamomile flowers were recognized as a way to ward off evil and protect against illness. Chamomile continues to be a popular backyard plant and well loved herb used in cooking, teas and natural medicinal support.

Wellness Wonders

Chamomile is well known for it’s soothing capabilities to help with stress and insomnia but some of the more ancient medicinal uses of this flower included protection against plagues, respiratory issues and kidney stones.

Today, chamomile essential oil continues to provide natural health support for several needs including:

  1. PMS

  2. Stress

  3. Irritability

  4. Shock

  5. Lowering blood pressure

  6. Insomnia

  7. Fevers

  8. Earaches

  9. Parasites and worms

  10. Anorexia

  11. Insect bites and stings

  12. Allergy relief

The chamomile flower is a natural antihistamine and antibacterial plant that can be used in place of harsher allergy medications and hand sanitizer cleansers.

The doTERRA Roman Chamomile essential oil can be taken internally through tea, water or direct under the tongue or in a capsule. It is also gentle enough to use directly on the skin and used aromatically to achieve desired benefits.