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Moms, Nurses & Teachers

This has been a week full of recognizing women in our lives all leading up to the big finale of Mother’s Day this Sunday.

On Monday, I worked with a team member to give hand, neck and shoulder massages to elementary school teachers. In talking with them about what concerns they had so we could focus there in our massage so many talked of sleep issues and stress. Feeling achy, tired and low energy is hard enough but when you have to face a classroom of 20 plus students every day that can really wear you worse. Teaching children is hard but rewarding. Teachers are literally shaping the minds of our future society. They are forming the skills in our children so they can think, solve and improve this world.

Most of my career has been spent working in the health care industry. I’ve worked with numerous nurses in my career who entered nursing school with the love of caring for others, helping them heal and doing what they could to help others. Nurses work long hours, are on their feet constantly and must be ready for any given emergency at any point in time. They see new beginnings and also the last breaths. It’s a difficult and yet deeply loving career to do.

For a long time we sought to have a baby and miscarried. It was devastating and one of the lowest points I have ever been in my life. Lacking a regular family growing up, I wanted children in my life and a family of my own. To struggle with obtaining that basic foundation element that we all deserve in our lives and try to accept it may not happen is very difficult. Fertility treatments are hard on your body and emotions. It’s hard on your sex life and its really hard on your relationship. When we started the adoption process through foster care, that too was also difficult and came with its own set of emotional and physical ups and downs. I feel for any couple going through this situation and understand how difficult Mother’s Day is for you. I’ve been there.

Now that I am a mom to a bright beautiful little boy I am constantly tore up at how much love I have for him. Mothering is hard. You are constantly striking that balance of wanting to hold them and learning to let them develop into their own person. You want them to be strong, independent and capable adults one day but to do that you have to constantly let go of some part of them so it can blossom as it should for them.

To fold all of this into one week is powerful. Women are amazing human beings with an incredible breadth of strength to support, encourage, heal, teach, form, nurture and develop others.

In honor of all you do every day, regardless of where you are in the above, I wanted to share what has helped me in my life emotionally and physically. The below is a special I am giving to you to help you start an oil journey and support you in the best I know works to keep you strong in all the things you will continue to do every day.

Kit includes_Wholesale membership3 oil kit Wellness consultation Online oil campsOngoing personal support.png

The savings in this offer are substantial and will help you start an oil journey simply and effectively.  From this kit you will be able to customize adding other oils that are specific to your needs and interests with complete freedom of what that looks like. To make that possible, with this kit you will:

  1. Receive wholesale pricing on any oils and doTERRA products you wish to purchase for an entire year with the option to renew annually

  2. Receive the trio of oils! There are over 100 ways to use these 3 oils that will easily introduce you to essential oils and help you start your oil journey in a way that is right for you

  3. Gain access to wonderful professionally produced oil camps that are all online, go-at-your-own-pace education about essential oils and their uses

  4. Get me! Seriously you get Personal Butler level service and support that I give all of my customers

  5. I will support you in finding oils to help you, answer questions you have and support you every step of the way

  6. Together we will walk through a wellness consultation to specifically address needs and areas of focus important to you and how best to meet those needs with

  7. I will show you how to maximize savings and make the most of your wholesale membership, always honoring what is right for you and your family above all else

So, if you have ever wanted to try essential oils or have heard about doTERRA but thought they were too expensive, please reach out to me. This is a great opportunity to try essential oils.

To receive this offer email me at

Offer valid until 5PM EDT May 13, 2018.

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