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Monster Juice

We have a 6 year old boy. He is your typical boy full of energy, non-stop chatter and endless need to jump, bounce, swing and climb on everything. When his sweet head finally hits his pillow at night he’s out.

In school his teacher often sends home on his daily behavior chart that he was talking instead of doing his work. He loves to talk it appears. I can appreciate how hard it is to sit still in school all day and be quiet. His little mind is full of creativity things to tell. He likes to describe things and explain how he thinks they work. I personally think his learning style is one of hands on doing and thinking through things on his own.

At home, he needs a lot of outdoor time to play, run and jump. I’m thankful he loves to be outside and hope we can maintain that energy and desire for outside play when a lot of kids turn to video games and cell phones.

To help with the homework and times when he needs to be calm and centered, we recently made up some Monster Juice. It was a roller ball blend I found on Pinterest and thought it might help.  Like adults, children can also benefit from regular use of essential oils for physical and emotional needs.

This is a doTERRA essential oil blend of oils aimed at supporting calmness, being centered and ability to focus while providing some mood support and alertness. Both oils are great for stress management support and being able to soothe.

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These are fantastic oils for adults as well. My husband and I both put a drop of Balance on our feet every day in the morning and I love diffusing citrus oils when I’m working.

We made this up in a roller ball bottle that our son can apply himself to the bottom of his feet and back of his neck. He thinks doing it himself is very cool and will remind us he hasn’t gotten to use it yet in the day.


So whether he’s grumpy, mad, frustrated or just normal high energy, non-stop going this oil blend helps him focus on what he needs to and help support his emotions.

I really appreciate the person who created this blend. It smells wonderful and our child loves that he has his own essential oil he can use.

Interested in more?

If you would like to make your own Monster Juice roller ball, please let me know. I’ll be happy to help you get these oils and any others that are of interest for your family’s needs.

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