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Mother’s Day Special

doTERRA’s Mother’s Day gift set rolled out today and it is fantastic!

momday giftset.png

Not only is this a great gift to give mom because she will enjoy making her own roller ball blends from these 3 special oils but these oils have incredible benefits!

I did some math and this is actually a fantastic deal on top of being a great gift!

If you enroll with a $100 or more order you get a $50 credit applied to your account. That credit can be applied to anything you want on your next order. That credit basically means you are getting your Mother’s Day gift for free!

Here are some options I came up with for how to maximize the savings on this special:

Option 1 – Two Mother’s Day Gifts

Order 2 Harmony Gift sets at wholesale price of $38.50 each. One for your mom and one for either your mom-in-law or yourself. Then you add a couple easy oils to start learning about how to use them. I highly recommend Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint. The Beginner’s Trio Kit contains 1 15ml bottle of each and is $50.  Add in the $35 initial membership fee so you get everything at wholesale prices (and you can only get the Harmony Gift set as a wholesale customer or wellness advocate) and it comes out to $162.  You get the $50 in credit on your account for your next order. There are lots of options for using that $50 that will really be incredible to start using oils. (see below for examples)

Option 2 – Enrollment Kit

The other scenario is to get an enrollment kit and add in the Harmony Gift Set. I think this is the best option personally.

In this scenario, let’s say you enroll and select the Family Essentials Kit ($150). The initial membership fee of $35 is waived and you add on the Harmony Gift Set. The total on this order would be $188.50 wholesale and you would get the $50 credit applied to your account to use as you wish on a future order.

In this scenario you get 10 incredible oils at a great economical price, you get 2 beadlet products to use and you get the Harmony Gift Set and you get the $50 credit. Oh and you’ll earn points on your order so if you set a Loyalty Rewards Auto Ship order after enrollment you would earn more credits that you can then also use to get free items!

fam ess kit

Option 3 – BFF 50/50

There is another option to consider…. enroll both you and your mom! Then you both get the $50 credit (with $100 or more order) and she can select what fits her best.  What a great gift for mom than a membership to access wonderful high-quality oils and natural based products.

$50 for you

$50 Uses

Here are just some examples for how far that $50 will go on some great products.

That is a whole bunch of oils for a very little investment. It also gives you some great options for additional gifts – say if you used that $50 credit for the spa pampering trio pictured above.

If you have ever wanted to try oils or have tried others and weren’t satisfied then this truly is a great time to consider doTERRA.

Interested in more?

If you have questions or need assistance please reach out. I’m happy to help you find the products that are perfect for you…and your mom.


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