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My Beach Bag

This summer there are a few essential oils that can help you have your best summer ever. They are oils that will protect, support and serve you well in your health over the fun summer days.

Here’s what’s going in my beach bag and around our house for wherever takes us this summer.


Ideal for soothing sunburns, bug bites and other skin irritations that can arise from being outside.

Apply a couple drops with lotion or coconut oil.

You can have this pre-made and ready for use on your little ones as well.

Also adding a couple drops of Lavender to a cool bath is a great way to relax after summer’s busy days. It quickly cools your skin and helps you and your children relax before bed.


Bug Spray & Bug Bands

Protect your child and yourself from mosquito and other biting pests by making up some bug bands and having natural bug spray ready. The bands are easy to make and waterproof!

I keep a bag of them on hand all the time and rotate them out every other week with a fresh batch so they provide non-stop protection.

Bug spray.png


Lemon is my go-to for a refreshing drink after being in the hot sun. I love the tangy sweetness of Lemon in water. Using the essential oil instead of a lemon wedge ensures you will not get any seeds in your mouth and your water will stay crystal clear.



Sometimes little ants, spiders and pests like to sneak indoors to escape the heat outside. Keep them at bay with a good spray made up of Peppermint oil and water. This is a natural determinant to pests.

wa-peppermint (1)


I am never without OnGuard. The essential oil blend is a great germ fighter for hands while on the go and perfect for cleaning around the house. There are several pre-made products doTERRA has in their On Guard line up including hand sanitizer, hand soap, laundry detergent, toothpaste and beadlets.

This line up will make sure no illness can reach you and take away from summer fun. Also who wants to waste time cleaning and doing laundry in the summer? Get it done quick and effectively with On Guard.

Slim & Sassy

This oil is fantastic for summer! It helps with metabolism and appetite helping you look your best all summer long.



This is a great oil to use when the BBQ just isn’t sitting right in your stomach. It works fast to relieve of heart burn, indigestion and other uncomfortable digestive related issues so go ahead and indulge in summer’s great foods.


Here’s to a very Happy Summer free of illness and full of fun!

What’s in your beach bag?

Interested in more?

Do you have essential oils in your beach bag?

If you’re ready to see how effective essential oils can work to help you this summer, reach out to me. I’m happy to help answer any questions and help you find the oils perfect for you.

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