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Natural Solutions

There is an enrollment kit available to new doTERRA Wholesale Customers that is often overlooked when considering what to get started with in terms of oils and products.  Today, we are going through this kit in detail and look at why it really is the best kept secret for new customers.

A kit by any other name

The Natural Solutions kit’s name is perfect because it literally contains everything you need to transition your health regime to a natural based system day one. You have the tools and support to get started without worry about what you’re missing to make something you want or need.

Many of my customers who started with a different kit often say they wish they’d listened to me and went with the Natural Solutions kit instead. It truly is a complete kit that starts you off with the right products.

To understand the design of this kit, it’s important to understand that doTERRA is not about essential oils. Oils are not even the company’s top selling product.


doTERRA was just named the #1 Global Leader in essential oils and yet they are not an essential oils company.


doTERRA is a health company.

I sell wholesale memberships so you can access doTERRA’s high quality health support products at a discounted price off retail.

Oils are just one component of a system doTERRA has designed to reset, support and enhance our entire health and well-being using natural based solutions.

The products align to the 5 pillars of health we all have in our lives.


Everything you need for physical, emotional and financial health is carefully tied into the objectives of this company and their focus to help others live better. This cornerstone is represented clearly in the Natural Solutions enrollment kit.