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Natural Solutions

There is an enrollment kit available to new doTERRA Wholesale Customers that is often overlooked when considering what to get started with in terms of oils and products.  Today, we are going through this kit in detail and look at why it really is the best kept secret for new customers.

A kit by any other name

The Natural Solutions kit’s name is perfect because it literally contains everything you need to transition your health regime to a natural based system day one. You have the tools and support to get started without worry about what you’re missing to make something you want or need.

Many of my customers who started with a different kit often say they wish they’d listened to me and went with the Natural Solutions kit instead. It truly is a complete kit that starts you off with the right products.

To understand the design of this kit, it’s important to understand that doTERRA is not about essential oils. Oils are not even the company’s top selling product.


doTERRA was just named the #1 Global Leader in essential oils and yet they are not an essential oils company.


doTERRA is a health company.

I sell wholesale memberships so you can access doTERRA’s high quality health support products at a discounted price off retail.

Oils are just one component of a system doTERRA has designed to reset, support and enhance our entire health and well-being using natural based solutions.

The products align to the 5 pillars of health we all have in our lives.


Everything you need for physical, emotional and financial health is carefully tied into the objectives of this company and their focus to help others live better. This cornerstone is represented clearly in the Natural Solutions enrollment kit.

What’s in the kit?

Included in this beautiful kit is essentially everything you need to overhaul your health and start the full transition into healthy living using natural based products.

Here is a complete list of everything in this kit. I’ve also included two other very popular enrollment kits so you can see the difference in terms of what is included in each kit.

Notice the table is outlined by health pillar. Health Pillars are the guideposts we need to apply each day to regain, retain and maintain optimal health. Regardless of age or health condition, these pillars are the true recipe to health.

compar chart

So what’s in the box is a lot more than just oils for one thing. With the Natrual Solutions Kit, you are receiving the very products that will help you transition successfully to a healthy natural based health routine.

The key products in this kit include:

  1. Top 10 oils that are both in the Home Essentials kit and Family Essentials kit

  2. A high quality multi-function diffuser that runs 4-8 hours, has a night light and is one of the best doTERRA has.  It is great for larger rooms

  3. The diffuser in the Home Essentials kit runs for 4 hours and has a light as well. It works well in a medium sized room

  4. Respiratory support with the Breathe Vapor stick. This is perfect for topical and aromatic applications with no need to dilute before use

  5. Deep Blue Rub – seriously this is the #1 product my customers purchase first thing after enrolling. This is for inflammation, joint points, cramps, sprains, muscle aches

  6. Life Long Vitality Pack – these 3 supplements have changed what I thought I knew about vitamins and supplements. They are whole food based and perfect to support the needs of your body without just passing through like a lot of other vitamins. These 3 supplements are the #1 product sold by doTERRA because of their quality and performance.

  7. Digestive support with the TerraZyme and PB Assist – I take these every day to help process food and keep my digestive system functioning well.

  8. Past Tense – this is an oil that will help you recover emotionally from stress, it is a roller for easy application when you need it

  9. OnGuard Toothpaste – if you’re going to try natural products for your health, there is no better way to start than with a good quality all natural toothpaste

  10. OnGuard Hand Soap with 2 foam dispenser. Chuck the chemical flower smell and immediately get your family using an all natural germ fighting soap

  11. OnGuard Beadlets for internal immunity support

  12. These come in the Family Essentials kit as well

  13. Shampoo and Conditioner – again chucking the chemical based products so your hair can heal and be supported naturally

  14. Fractionated Coconut Oil – for diluting oils and making blends that support your needs

  15. Correct-X is a natural, non petroleum based skin soother and healer. Perfect for cuts and other basic first aid needs

  16. doTERRA oil storage box. Perfect for organizing your oils and keeping them handy when needed

Maximizing the Savings

There are a couple unique aspects of the Natural Solutions kit that greatly increase your savings as a new member over any other enrollment kit offered by doTERRA.


First, consider that the Home Essentials Kit, which comes with the Top 10 oils and a great diffuser is $275. This is a savings of $86.25 off retail prices. This is a great kit and very good for new users.

The Natural Solutions Kit is $550. This is a savings of $220 off retail prices.

So at this point, is where people go back to looking at the Home Essentials Kit but hear me out for a minute.

For $175 more than the Home Essentials Kit

Your are getting a lot more than just 10 oils and a diffuser. In addition to the numerous other products in the kit, you also receive:

  1. 100 points applied to your account for use on anything you wish to purchase.

  2. That’s like being given $100 to use on replenishing or adding to your new healthy lifestyle.

  3. 15% rewards accumulation on your Loyalty Rewards Orders – all other enrollment kits start at 10% rewards

  4. Quick example, the next month after enrollment

  5. Person A who started with the Home Essentials Kit decides they need some additional items that they didn’t get with their kit, they spend $100 earning 10 points on their purchase.

  6. Person B enrolled with the Natural Solutions kit earns 15 points on a purchase she makes of $100

Those points accumulate and can be used like free money on your orders.

These two benefits don’t come with any other kit offered. 

The economies of this kit are actually very budget friendly compared to purchasing each of these items over time – which I promise you will do. Every single customer I have ends up buying these products. They when they realize how awesome these products are they call me mad asking why I didn’t insist they get this larger kit in the first place.

Bottom line, its $175 more upfront and you get everything upfront.

nat sol kit

Option 1 – Natural Solutions Kit

The best way to maximize savings when enrolling with doTERRA is to purchase the Natural Solutions kit. There are some benefits associated with this kit that are not available with any other enrollment kit.

If you’re serious about wanting to truly give natural health a try, this is the most economical way to accomplish that and give it a honest try.

Options 2 – Natural Solutions Spread Out

While it is a fantastic deal trust me I get that it may not fit in the family budget.

There is another creative way however to spread the cost of this kit over a couple months to help you.

How that would work is this:

Step 1:

  1. At the time of enrollment – select the Home Essentials Kit

  2. Add to your enrollment order these products:

  3. Fractionated Coconut Oil

  4. Life Long Vitality Pack

Cost: $366.50

Step 2:

Setup your Loyalty Rewards Order. I will show you how to do this and each month you will customize your order to get the products you want. You will earn points on your order every month that will accumulate for use on whatever products you want.

Step 3:

Your first 3 Loyalty Rewards Orders will have these products on them to continue building your Natural Solutions Kit:

lrp nat sol kit budget

Now the beauty of this is, you will also receive the Free Product of the Month on each of these orders.

You will also receive points in the amount of:

  1. Order 1: 17.65

  2. Order 2: 17.65

  3. Order 3: 18.62

So while you didn’t start out earning points at the 15% tier you still come out ahead with a nice little chunk of points and 3 free products.

The Life Long Vitality pack is on each order because you will need to replenish your supplements. Each pack contains supplements for 30 days.

Interested in more?

The Natural Solutions Kit is really like an all-inclusive vacation package. It has everything you need to get started, enjoy and explore the benefits of natural health support, realize the benefits and not bust the budget.

If you have questions, please let me know. I’m happy to help you find the kit and products that fit your needs and budget.

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