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Navigating the Natural Health World

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Essential oils are all the buzz these days. You can find little essential oil bottles in almost every store and promotional ads online – but what exactly are they are and why do you need them? I would add to this and ask how do you know you’re getting your money’s worth? Do they actually work?

When you are first starting out hearing about essential oils you may be thinking it’s just a fad or hype that will soon be over and we can get back to thinking about more important things like when Outlander is coming back to TV and how we’re going to make it through summer with the kids out of school. The truth is while those things are super important, essential oils have been around for thousands of years and unlikely to be going away. As more and more people learn about the dangers in our consumable products and foods, encounter diseases for which there are no cure and quickly watch our environment become a toxic wasteland there is a growing action for what we can do to give our children a hopeful future.

For many, including my own family, the answer has been to actively look for more simplistic and natural ways to live including:

  1. Changing thinking about how we treat illness and practice preventive care

  2. Having open conversations with our family doctors on including natural medicines in our care strategies

  3. Changing how and what we use to clean our home

  4. Changing out a lot of our personal care products to more natural items

  5. Reducing our plastic dependency

  6. Reducing our expenses for cleaners, medicines and personal care

  7. Sharing with others what we have found is working and what isn’t


Like a designer handbag, you can find a knock-off that is “close” enough to looking like a real expensive designer bag. Sometimes at first glance it is very hard to tell the difference but if you look long enough and closely you can see it is not the real deal. The stitching may be off, the leather is not really leather, the interior is a fabricated material and so on.

I have bought knock-offs in my life. Sometimes out of budget constraints and sticker shock about the real thing and sometimes because it was simply cute and I liked it. We all make these kinds of choices as consumers every day. However, we all want the best we can get for the money we have. In fact, most of us love thinking we got a deal when we buy something.

When it comes to your health and living