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Navigating the Natural Health World

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Essential oils are all the buzz these days. You can find little essential oil bottles in almost every store and promotional ads online – but what exactly are they are and why do you need them? I would add to this and ask how do you know you’re getting your money’s worth? Do they actually work?

When you are first starting out hearing about essential oils you may be thinking it’s just a fad or hype that will soon be over and we can get back to thinking about more important things like when Outlander is coming back to TV and how we’re going to make it through summer with the kids out of school. The truth is while those things are super important, essential oils have been around for thousands of years and unlikely to be going away. As more and more people learn about the dangers in our consumable products and foods, encounter diseases for which there are no cure and quickly watch our environment become a toxic wasteland there is a growing action for what we can do to give our children a hopeful future.

For many, including my own family, the answer has been to actively look for more simplistic and natural ways to live including:

  1. Changing thinking about how we treat illness and practice preventive care

  2. Having open conversations with our family doctors on including natural medicines in our care strategies

  3. Changing how and what we use to clean our home

  4. Changing out a lot of our personal care products to more natural items

  5. Reducing our plastic dependency

  6. Reducing our expenses for cleaners, medicines and personal care

  7. Sharing with others what we have found is working and what isn’t


Like a designer handbag, you can find a knock-off that is “close” enough to looking like a real expensive designer bag. Sometimes at first glance it is very hard to tell the difference but if you look long enough and closely you can see it is not the real deal. The stitching may be off, the leather is not really leather, the interior is a fabricated material and so on.

I have bought knock-offs in my life. Sometimes out of budget constraints and sticker shock about the real thing and sometimes because it was simply cute and I liked it. We all make these kinds of choices as consumers every day. However, we all want the best we can get for the money we have. In fact, most of us love thinking we got a deal when we buy something.

When it comes to your health and living more naturally, a knock-off isn’t going to work. Sure you may be saving a few bucks but here’s the deal – You really are not saving anything in these situations. Here’s why:

  1. The scent of an impure essential oil can be harmful to you causing respiratory issues, skin rashes and more

  2. It is harmful to your family and pets

  3. You cannot digest or consume an impure essential oil missing out on health benefits that could hep you

  4. You use more of the impure oil because it doesn’t last as long or you’re not seeing benefits from the smaller dose

This is much more serious than just having slightly off stitching on a knock-off bag!

In this picture you see a $1 bottle of saltiness oil that was actually found at Target. Don’t get me wrong, I love the $1 section in my Target store and have found some incredibly cute things there but look carefully at the back of this bottle:

Now, check out the doTERRA Peppermint essential oil information. It costs $20.50 (wholesale).

That’s a big difference between $20.50 and $1 but here’s the deal:

  1. You have a guarantee from doTERRA that bottle of Peppermint was individually tested for purity and quality. There’s a number on the bottom of the bottle where you can look it up to see the results for yourself ( type in the number at

  2. The doTERRA peppermint leaves used to make that oil came from the Pacific Northwest region of the United States where it was grown on a family (not corporate farm) in dirt that has been chemical and pesticide free for at least the past 10 years. Meet the actual farmer in the video below.

As part of our movement to more simplistic living is the ability to return to working directly with farmers – not corporate farms – but actual family farms. Currently, doTERRA is the only essential oil distributor with this high of standards on quality and purity and working with direct farmers in this way to obtain the plants for their oils.

So while $20.50 may seem like a lot that is 250 drops of 100% pure Peppermint essential oil, grown by a family farmer – that’s as field-to-family as you can get AND you get an essential oil you can actually use safely, realize benefits from and feel good about giving your family.


When it comes to living well and not busting the family piggy bank, that is possible when you use high quality essential oils like doTERRA. Here’s how:

Upfront when you open an account with doTERRA, you can select the option of a predefined set of essential oils and products, many of which include a high quality diffuser so you have all of what you need to start using your oils the minute they arrive. There is a significant savings ranging from $35 – $100 depending on option you select.

You also start having access to purchase any doTERRA product or oil at least 25% off retail prices. You pick what you want, when you want it. I offer suggestions monthly based on additional promotions and sales available to hep you extend those savings. We can also work together to define an approach specific to your budget needs.

Each year on your anniversary of opening your doTERRA account you get a free bottle of Peppermint. Bonus savings!

Interested in more?

PLEASE do not buy knock off natural products. If you’re still not convinced there is a difference, please contact me for a free doTERRA peppermint sample. I’m happy to let you compare and try it yourself as well as answer any question you have.

If you’re ready to start your natural health journey, simply click this link:

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