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Oh Baby

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

There is something about holding a baby. It’s a moment of appreciating life and all of it’s many blessings. It’s the doorway to reflect on all the innocence and newness that is around us every day. It’s the realization of own vulnerability of being connected and dependent.

When you are a new parent you quickly realize how much in your home you have to change to make room for that new baby. We become instantly concerned with things in our home as being safe or unsafe, breakable, reachable and accessible. There’s a lot to do when these realizations set in for how we need to change some things in our home when there’s going to be a child coming. This is in addition to the common and more fun things of setting up the nursery. Don’t forget too to stock up on the diapers. Seriously, any time they even look like they’re going to be on sale buy them. Trust me, you need them.

The Smell of a Baby

The thing that shocked me as a new parent was how some things under the label of a trusted brand or the words “trusted by moms everywhere” were in fact some of the worst things possible in terms of safety and health. That endearing sweet baby clean smell that we all can recognize is safe for us to apply to our babies right? We don’t even question it because it is “the smell” we all know babies should smell like. It’s like the unspoken baby factory smell. If you don’t know that smell, step down any baby aisle in a store and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. I knew what that smell was a long before I became a mom. It’s like the only way we know babies to smell.

I used these products when our son first came home. It’s what I thought I was supposed to use. It made him smell good. I still instantly recognize that smell when I go through a store.

It’s interesting to me that the same moms who are making their own baby food and buying organic bananas are the same moms who buy the boutique baby products thinking them safer and better. There are a lot of baby products on the market and all of them promise to be good and safe for your baby. However, when you look at the labels between the common baby lotions and soaps to the organic ones most of the time the ingredients are the same. The same toxicity is in the products from the fragrance that’s been added to give it that desirable baby smell. Here’s a post I did on soaps back in February where I provided snapshots of what’s in the bottle for ingredients.

Natural Baby

Using essential oils on our children is one of the healthiest things we can do for them to support their growing bodies. With so many brands and options of essential oils available though you have to be sure it is one that is 100% pure and has been tested for purity. When using oils on babies there are also some tips to make this easier and ensure their safety.

Dilution means using a very, very small amount of essential oil (as in 1 drop or less) and adding it to a lotion or fractionated coconut oil before using it. It also means in some cases applying a very small amount (1 drop) to the mom or dad (usually to the back of your neck or in your arm creases) and using your body as a diffuser to support the baby.

When it comes to using essential oils with babies you only want to use them when they are needed. This could mean daily for a short time (week or 2) or it could mean periodically depending on the baby.

Roman Chamomile & Lavender

  1. Using doTERRA Roman Chamomile (1 drop) in a 10ml roller ball bottle with the rest filled with FCO (fractionated coconut oil) can be applied for tummy discomfort

  2. Applying 1 drop doTERRA Lavender to the mom or dad (back of the neck or in arm creases) helps when holding the baby for calming and soothing. Your body becomes a diffuser for that baby providing them the aroma at a safe distance and in a safe amount

  3. Applying 1/2 drop doTERRA Roman Chamomile to a damp soft cloth and then rubbing gently to the outside of the jaw eases teething pains

  4. Adding 1 drop doTERRA Lavender to lotion can soothe diaper rash

  5. To diffuse oils in your nursery, use a high quality diffuser and add 1 to 2 drops doTERRA Lavender to the diffuser. Run it 30 minutes without the baby in the nursery then shut it off. At that point you can put the baby in the nursery to sleep

  6. Another option to diffusing in the nursery without worrying about a timer to run a diffuser would be to scent a diffuser reed like bamboo, use a cotton ball or cloth with lavender and set it in the room away from the crib

  7. Using 1 drop of doTERRA Lavender to your baby detergent is also a safe way to include oils for your baby. I like applying doTERRA Lavender to wool dryer balls before I start a load in the dryer to apply it that way

Oils to Avoid During Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

  1. Cassia

  2. Cinnamon Bark

  3. Clary Sage

  4. Fennel

  5. Lemongrass

  6. Melissa

  7. Myrrh

  8. Oregano

  9. Peppermint

  10. Spearmint

  11. Wintergreen

Interested in more?

Using essential oils with babies is possible and ensures they are starting life with natural goodness that will support healthy growth. You just have to be cautious of what you are using and how much. The biggest concern when using essential oils with children in general is making sure they are pure and have been quality tested for purity. That is why I choose to use doTERRA in our home. Every bottle is tested for quality and purity. Not random samples but EVERY SINGLE BOTTLE.

If you have questions or need help please reach out. I’m happy to help get you the right answers and information.

To purchase the oils and products mentioned in this post at a discount simply click here:

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