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Oil Lingo

When you hear how great doTERRA essential oils are and you are ready to start using them it can be overwhelming quickly on all the acronyms and lingo. I always go through the terms with my new customers while we’re waiting for their oils to arrive so they can open their box upon delivery and immediately start enjoying them.

To help them with this information I use the below list of definitions that I print out and leave behind for them as a quick reference of what we talked about. I also give them my phone number and email so they can ask me anything at anytime about their doTERRA oils and products. To me, this is just good service and way to let my customers know I am truly there for them on this oil journey.

It’s very important to me that I support you in the best way I can to find the oils and products that will be of most use to you. Oils and natural solutions is a personal journey and I can help you make that a positive experience.

I also want to help my customers find the best way to get their oils. I get the majority of us have to live on a family budget that doesn’t always have the flexibility we’d like. Transitioning to a natural solutions lifestyle in your home and in your health can seem very expensive. Using good oils and products with doTERRA however has not resulted in extra or extravagant expenses in my home. In fact we have have seen savings in what we are buying, seeing oils outlast many of the products we were buying and actually realizing better results. It’s possible and achievable. Understanding the lingo and having a good Wellness Advocate by your side can help you maximize your value and savings from using essential oils.

Oil Lingo Definitions


Periodically throughout the year doTERRA will have a week, usually Tuesday through Saturday, where they will offer a different oil or product at a buy one get one price. There is usually one oil a member can purchase up to 5 of and receive a different oil or product for free (up to 5).

These can be purchased through LRP (see Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP)) to earn points from the order if it is at least 50PV (see Product Value (PV)). These orders also qualify for shipping points reimbursement.

Members can also purchase the BOGO through regular order, not LRP or retail.


Diffusing is a method by which an essential oil is dispersed into the air for aromatic use. This method typically occurs using a diffuser.

A diffuser can be an electronic or battery powered machine that produces a mist carrying the oil into the air.

A diffuser can also be a porous material that is used in a room to slowly disperse the oil into the room, such as bamboo reeds, clay or salt rocks or worn as part of jewelry for personal oil use.

When diffusing essential oils, a quality diffuser, whether electronic or personal, is highly recommended in order to enjoy the maximum benefit of using your oils in this manner.


This term refers to blending an essential oil with a carrier to dilute the oil when applying it to the skin or taking it internally.

Oils can be diluted in a number of mediums including:

  1. Coconut oil or Fractionated Coconut Oil

  2. Shea Butter

  3. Olive Oil

  4. Water

  5. Food

  6. Lotion or moisturizer

Essential oils should always be diluted before use with children and pets.

It is also highly recommended oils be diluted before skin application on any person. This will protect against any potential adverse effects as well as help the oil not evaporate before it is able to penetrate through the skin.


This means you are purchasing a membership with doTERRA as either a Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate in order to take advantage of the wholesale pricing on the oils and have the access to special sales, free products and other incentives.

With doTERRA there is no contract and you can cancel your membership at any time.

Enrollment Kit

An Enrollment Kit is a pre-defined package of oils and products designed by doTERRA. Each contain the most popular and used essential oils (see Top 10) and may contain other items such as diffusers, lotions, soaps, supplements and etc. depending on the kit.

A new member can select to purchase an Enrollment Kit at the time they start their membership. This is the most economical way to obtain oils upfront and doing so waives the $35 initial membership fee. (See Membership)

There are 3 popular kits that are most often selected by new members. These are:

  1. Natural Solutions Kit

  2. Home Essentials Kit

  3. Family Essentials Kit

Family Essentials Kit

This is one of the smaller enrollment kits available to new members. It contains the top 10 oils in 5ml bottle size and 2 essential oil beadlets. This economical kit is perfect for a new member who is looking for a easy way to start using oils but wants to start small.

The beadlets in this kit are ideal for beginning to understand how to use oils internally. The doTERRA OnGuard beadlets are for immunity boosting and protection against illness while the Peppermint beadlets work well for digestive support against heartburn as well as breath freshening.

The value of this kit includes:

  1. Economical savings of $36.50

  2. The top 10 oils in convenient 5ml size

  3. 2 oils in beadlet form for new member internal use experience

  4. 110 PV equating to 11 points PLUS shipping points

fam ess kit

Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO)

Fractionated Coconut Oil is coconut oil that has been reduced to leave only the actual oil and not the fats that make coconut oil hard or solid.

Home Essentials Kit

This kit is one of the most popular kits purchased by new members. It contains the 10 most popular oils and a beautiful high quality diffuser. This kit is so popular because it will help a new member start a natural transformation in their home and life and cover about 80% of those needs upfront.

The value of this kit includes:

  1. Economical savings of $86.25 compared to purchasing these oils and the diffuser individually at wholesale prices

  2. The Top 10 oils used by essential oil users

  3. A high quality 4 hour auto-shutoff diffuser that produces constant cool steam to carry the oils throughout a medium sized room

  4. A PV of 225 means this kit will earn a new member 22.5 in points PLUS their shipping points

Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP)

LRP is the premier benefit of doTERRA membership. This program is setup by a member in order to have a custom order of essential oils and products shipped to them each month. The LRP can be changed each  month to contain any product the member wishes.

LRP orders of at least 50 PV (See Product Value (PV)) also qualify the member to earn points back on their order that then can be applied to future orders.  Members earn points on an increasing scale starting at 10% and going up to a maximum of 30% over the course of a year.

These points appear on the member’s account and can be applied to any order they place whether LRP or regular method.

Only LRP orders earn points.


Membership with doTERRA is similar to a membership club access you purchase at a wholesale club (think Sam’s Club, Costco, BJs, Amazon Prime).

The cost of initial membership entry is $35. There are option to have this waived however resulting in a $0 initial membership fee. (See Enrollment Kit)

Each year your membership renews, the fee is $25. Unlike other membership clubs however, doTERRA will send you a free 15ml bottle of Peppermint (wholesale price of $27.50) upon renewal of your membership. This makes your membership essential free.

I don’t know about your wholesale clubs, I go to Sam’s Club and use Amazon Prime, and for the past 15 years I’ve renewed these neither have not given me a free package of anything and both cost more than doTERRA’s $25.

Natural Solutions Kit

This popular enrollment kit contains a complete starter kit for completely transferring your home and lifestyle to a natural based regime.

The value of this kit purchased at the time of enrollment include:

  1. Economical savings of $228.95 from purchasing the products individually at wholesale prices

  2. Start earning points at the 15% level rather than 10% level on LRP orders

  3. The kit has a 400PV so at 15% the points would be 60 PLUS shipping points

  4. Immediate ability to transfer your home and life to a natural solution day 1

nat sol kit


Points are earned on LRP orders (see Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP)) and on shipping costs.

Points are earned from LRP orders in a percentage ranging from 10% to 30% depending on the time the member has been with doTERRA.

For example a new member starts out earning 10% points. They place an LRP order for $150 in June. They would receive back 15 points to their account PLUS the points for their shipping costs. This same member continues placing monthly orders and receiving a percentage of their orders back in points. Every 3 months that percentage increases until they are at 30% maximum.  A $150 order placed 11 months from their initial membership would earn them 30% in points or 45 points PLUS their points for shipping costs.

Shipping is always free with doTERRA through reimbursement of the cost by points applied to the member’s account each month.

Points can be applied to most products at the time of order to receive those products for free.  There is a cost of $3.99 to transfer points to an order.

Points expire 12 months after issue.

Product of the Month (POM)

This incentive is for the members on LRP (see Loyalty Reward Program (LRP)).

When a member on LRP orders 125 PV (see Product Value (PV)) or more on their monthly LRP order they will receive the Product of the Month free form doTERRA. It will be automatically applied to the member’s order and appear at a charge of $0.

The POM is a product doTERRA chooses to help expand members experience with different oils and products.

Product Value (PV)

A value is assigned to each product and oil sold by doTERRA. This is referred to as the Product Value or PV. The PV is typically equivalent to the wholesale price of the product. For instance a 15ml bottle of Peppermint is $27.50 and the PV on the oil is 27.50.

PV is used to calculate the points earned on LRP orders (See Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP)).

An LRP order of at least 50PV will earn the member points on the order they are placing.


Retail is the full price of doTERRA oils and products. doTERRA will always show the retail price, wholesale price and PV (see Product Value (PV)) on the item so the member can price compare the difference.

Wellness Advocate or Wellness Coach

A Wellness Advocate or also known as a Wellness Coach is the individual who assists a new customer or member with enrolling, supporting them with education about oils and their uses, and is the main contact for questions.

You may always call your your Wellness Advocate with questions or help.

You may enroll as a Wellness Advocate at the time of enrollment if you wish to share oils with others and earn compensation but this is not obligatory.

Benefits are the same for a Wellness Advocate as they are for a Wholesale Customer when it comes to pricing and purchasing of doTERRA products.

Wellness Consultation

A wellness consultation is a phone call, video chat or in-person session between a new member and their Wellness Advocate. The purpose of this meeting is to review the kit items the member purchased and provide them with information, resources and support to successfully and safely start using their oils.

The discussion will also cover any specific issues or concerns the member has and together with their Wellness Advocate they will review other oils and products that may be of use and interest to the member.

Lastly, this meeting will setup the member’s LRP (see Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP)) order so the member can enjoy adding to their oils and expanding their uses.


Wholesale refers to the 25% off retail prices members enrolled with doTERRA enjoy when purchasing their oils and products. To have access to this pricing, a member must enroll with a membership.

Wholesale Customer

A Wholesale Customer is an individual who enrolls with doTERRA and as a result receives access to purchase oils and products at 25% off retail.  These individuals also have access to special sales.

Wholesale Customers can upgrade their account to a Wellness Advocate at any time in order to receive compensation for sharing and enrolling others with doTERRA.

Interested in more?

If you’re ready to start your oil journey or already use oils and are not getting the support you deserve, please let me know. I’m happy to help you in anyway I can realize the benefits of using essential oils in your life.

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