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Oils Fit for a Princess

Some time ago I was having a very cute conversation with a sweet little 4 year old girl about princesses. She had just received from her grandparents a new Elsa and Anna doll set. She and I were talking about what favorite food each princess liked best. Amazingly the foods often matched the color of their dresses each time!

I’ve been thinking about this conversation for some time because of the preciousness of this moment when all that is really important in life is thinking about princess dolls and what they like to eat.

To have a little more fun with this I’ve listed out some of the Disney princesses and what oils they may use. Give me your thoughts below!


It may be my age but Cinderella still remains my favorite. With her journey from hardship and loss to luxury and love her story touches my own soul with its hope.

For this iconic princess I would go with the following oils:

  1.  Loss and Loneliness – Balance, Peace, Lavender, Patchouli, Clary Sage

  2. Cleaning and Laundry – OnGuard, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Melaleuca

  3. Magic – Aspire, Passion, Neroli

  4. Finding Love – Rose, Jasmine, Ylang, Ylang

Magical Love

Snow White

Who wouldn’t want to have a wonderful long nap only to be woken by true love’s kiss? Sign me up!

  1. Sleep – Serenity, Breathe, Vetiver

  2. Evil Queen potion – Citrus Bliss, Hope

  3. Awaken Fresh – OnGuard toothpaste, Lemon, Balance

Beauty Sleep


The popular snow princess who grows to accept her super powers and builds her confidence to effectively rule a kingdom. Yes, this is the stuff every girl needs to grow to learn to do in her life.

  1. Self-Belief & Acceptance – Cassia, Grapefruit, Bergamont

  2. Empowerment – Ginger, Eucalyptus, Birch

  3. Trust in Self – Jasmine, Cypress, Marjoram

LET IT GO! (1).png


Feisty, stubborn and determined.  I love this little curly red headed princess. She’s a warrior who sticks to her guns and doesn’t put up with any nonsense. She fights for her beliefs and those she loves.

  1. Strength – Deep Blue, Tangerine, Slim & Sassy

  2. Courage – Juniper Berry, Peppermint, DigestZen

  3. Balanced Ambition – Cumin, Cilantro

Courage and Strength

As we watch the little girls in our life grow and be influenced by these princesses, how are we supporting them in developing their own confidence, strength and courage to carry them through their adventures?

Since I have a little boy I really want to do one of these lists with superheros. If you have suggestions for what would make the list please leave comments below.

Interested in more?

The oils described for princesses are perfect to use with your little girls and for yourself to realize your inner princess abilities and strengths. Contact me for information and to get your oil adventure started!


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