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Oils Fit for Pups

Continuing on this fun theme and on the recommendation of our son, I am writing this post to describe the Paw Patrol and which oils each pup would most favor based on their characteristics.   He is a big fan of the Paw Patrol so he got to contribute to the writing of this information for you. He personally picked out the oils he thought each pup would enjoy the best after they have a long day saving the day.

NOTE: Any time you use oils on or near children and pets, please dilute!


th (42)

This “on the case” super sniffing cartoon dog needs oils that will support his respiratory system and keep his nose working in top order. No oil would work better for this job than doTERRA’s Breathe blend!

Breathe is ideal for supporting respiratory needs, including sniffles and snoring.


Since we also know this character is prone to allergies from cats, we recommend a daily dose of TriEase. This supplement is perfect for allergies that are from seasonal or daily exposure.



th (43).jpg

This lovable character is a goof who constantly looses his balance or is having accidents falling, tripping or slipping. He is highly nervous and often the pup that is scared or intimidated to try new things. We recommend Balance for this pup and a regular dose of citrus to help with centering and balance. The combination of Balance and a citrus oil would help with any ear problems that are causing the imbalance as well as help him with confidence.


th (44)

This construction building pup is the tough guy in the bunch as well as a well-loved Elvis impersonator. His rough and tumble ways probably mean he occasionally needs some muscle relief so I’d recommend Deep Blue!

Deep Blue is an oil blend that can be applied topically as well as internally. This supplement can be taken daily to soothe muscles from the inside out! It is incredible for those hard working athletes.



th (45)

This pup does not like water and often avoids baths and trips to the beach. He is good at up-cycling and often saves the day with his handy stash of goodies. For this pup, I’d recommend On Guard so he can safely clean his paws without the need to worry about water!



th (46)

Unlike Rocky, Zuma lives for the water and is often the first in his hovercraft to help on any water related emergencies. With all this deep diving and water splashing this pup could use some Rosemary and Oregano to help his ears from all the water. These two oils are great for treating swimmer’s ear.


th (47).jpg

This high flying pup takes to the sky at a moment’s notice to help those in distress. Her accuracy in using her helicopter’s tools to lift those from harm is always precise. For this cute pup we’d recommend, Frankincense and Wild Orange!

Interested in more?

This has really been a fun little series to craft. I hope it’s inspired you to think about how to use oils in your home to bring out the super powers, love and uplifting spirit our children bring to our homes in their own awesome ways.

Obviously, this article is written for the characters of the show and not necessarily for real dogs. Please do your research before applying oils to your pet and ALWAYS dilute them.

If you would like to have oils in your home, please reach out to me. I’m happy to help you find the oils that are perfect for you and answer any questions you have.


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