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Oils Fit for Superheroes

This is part two of a post I did titled “Oils Fit for a Princess.” I appreciate all the suggestions and comments from that post that led to the content of this newest post.

Our little boy is a growing fan of superheros. Thankfully, he seems to like the more classic heroes by Marvel instead of some of the more modern day ones on TV.  Like most little boys he goes full speed all day long and I never know whether to look or not when I hear the gleeful call of, “Mom Watch This!”

Here’s to my little superhero:


There is none greater than the man who can leap tall buildings in a single bound.  Seriously, he has it all, good looks, a steady job and can save the day.  However, I’m betting ever Superman can use a helping hand every now and then to keep himself performing at top rate.

If I were to say what essential oils this super hero would use it would consist of:

  1. DDR Prime to restore his cells after a tough day dealing with bad guys

  2. Frankincense to keep his skin looking good

  3. Siberian Fir, Fennel and Balance to reset his self-contained strength and sense of responsibility

Superman Restore.png


This web casting superhero is nimble, sharp and always on the lookout for who needs saving next. Swinging between buildings and hanging upside bridges can take a toll on even the greatest of acrobats.

For this web slinger I’d recommend:

  1. On Guard to keep his hands clean and web tips working well

  2. Lime to keep his energy up and focus clear

  3. Cumin to stay his ambition and make solid decisions

  4. Deep Blue to keep those muscles running at full steam

Spider-Man's Web.png


This superhero is a personal favorite of our son. His super quick speed and flash of red suit make him unmatched for catching bad guys.

For this lightening fast guy may I suggest quickly!

  1. Arborvitae and Basil for resetting his speedometer at the end of the day

  2. Melaleuca for setting energetic boundaries and staying on task

  3. Ginger for the times when speed isn’t enough and evil appears to have a chance of winning

Flash's Quick Start.png

Captain America

The ideal man-made super hero and time traveler.  Trained by the military and strengthened through superhuman power he is there protecting us all.

For this All American Hero:

  1. White Fir, Black Pepper and Clary Sage for when he was transitioning from a very long sleep to modern day and trying to make sense of all that had changed

  2. DigestZen for the adjustment to modern day fried and processed foods

  3. Cypress to aid in adapting to new situations

  4. Roman Chamomile to support his new purpose on life

Captain America's Wake Up.png

Like before, who would you add to this list and what oils would they use?

Interested in more?

If you’d like to introduce oils in your home and support your growing superheroes please let me know. I’m happy to answer any questions you have and help you find the oils right for you.

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