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Old Man’s Pepper

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Yarrow has many fun and interesting nicknames such as Old Man’s Pepper, Soldier’s Woundwort, Knight’s Milfoil, and Devil’s Nettle. Many of these names come from the purpose for which the plant was used in the times when natural medicine was the only medicine available. Most notably it is said yarrow is what Achilles used to ease pain of his Achilles tendon. It is even known in Sweden as Field Hop because of its use in making beer.

Today, yarrow grows wildly across the globe and has a shade of colors from white, yellow and even pink or red. This spicy aromatic plant grows in tall stalks and is considered a wildflower in many regions. Yarrow’s history as a medicinal support continues to be expanded today as more understanding of this flowery herb continues to be discovered.

doTERRA’s Yarrow oil is blended with Pomegrante Seed Oil to intensify the benefits for that can be realized from using these two oils together.

Yarrow Health

From ancient times we are aware that yarrow was used to stop bleeding and hemorrhaging including internal bleeding and wounds. This was a helpful resource for healers in primitive surgeries and on fields during battles.

Yarrow’s medicinal help though extends beyond blood related needs to include significant other support including:

  1. Menstration regularity

  2. Hormonal balancing

  3. Metabolic disorder

  4. Sugar imbalance

  5. Toothaches

  6. Acne

  7. Eczema

  8. Hair loss

  9. Ovarian health

  10. Cancer

  11. Poor circulation

  12. Fever reduction

  13. Allergies

  14. Varicose veins

  15. Skin tags

  16. Pain and inflammation

  17. Hemorrhoids

Application of the doTERRA Yarrow/POM oil can be done directly on the skin and where needed. It is also helpful to the feet bottoms and stomach. This oil can be ingested making it ideal for using in weight loss and metabolic support, cell regeneration and other health needs.

When it comes to metabolic support, Yarrow/POM has been noted across social media forums as being a support in weight loss. When our metabolism is regulated this encourages the body to shift into weight loss mode more easily helping improve diet results. I have been using this for a few months now and have noticed incredible results! See my post from February 6, 2019 –

Quite honestly, between doTERRA Frankincense and Yarrow/POM I cannot imagine a more powerful combo for supporting health needs.

Fountain of Youth

Yarrow/POM has been noted as having incredible results when used in skincare to help with age spots, acne, eczema, wrinkles and more. Applying this oil through a moisturizer or lotion to the skin promotes the skin’s regeneration process to promote healthier, younger looking skin.

This oil when taken internally promotes and supports the cell regeneration process so new cells are healthier, stronger and better equipped to handle the changes that we endure as we age.

doTERRA Yarrow/POM is a thick oil and blue in color. Coverage to the face, throat and chest area can be accomplished with only 1 drop when applied with moisturizer. Likewise including 1 drop in hand cream is perfect for hands up to the elbows to improve skin.

Oil of Life

Yarrow has a pleasant earthy aroma that is complex and deep. When combined with the pomegranate seed oil it becomes grounding and certain. With the richness of this oil it makes it perfect to help those alarm and panic level feelings that feel as though we are losing our footing. It is the Oil of Life supporting us in appreciating the gift of life and all the blessings we receive through just being alive. The oil works to calm, soothe and ground us in a centering way that can allow us to take that deeper breath and pause.

This oil blend is helpful for thinking of vitality, a positive life outlook and encouragement that we can weather the storms of life.

Diffusing this oil brings out a earthy light scent that is enveloping and quieting.


When diffusing Yarrow/POM including any of these oils will help further the feelings of calm and support through anxious times.

  1. Clary Sage for hormonal and emotional support due to menstruation

  2. Cypress for increased grounding feelings

  3. Helichrysum for deeper breaths and relief from panic or deep fear

  4. Rosemary for enriching meditation and reflection

  5. Ylang Ylang for safe space support

Interested in more?

There is nothing Old Man about doTERRA’s Yarrow/POM oil. This oil is packed with the goodness of the Fountain of Youth and more!

If you have questions about this oil or any other mentioned in this post, please reach out!

To get this incredible oil and start your natural health journey simply click here:

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