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On a Quiet Winter Night

Here I am enjoying blissful quiet moment in the living room by myself. Our son has been bugging to put up the Christmas decorations and the tree and I know that is exactly what we’ll be doing this weekend. Soon our living room will be full of plastic bins and little boxes that I use to store special ornaments. He will tear into them as if its the first time he has seen any of it. There will be light strings and garland pulled out and special accessories we only use this time of year. There will be ornaments from long ago wrapped in old newspaper but nonetheless still special and there will be newer ornaments still in store bought boxes.

Yet for now it is quiet and the living room is clean. It is simple and comfortable. It is the spot where we visit with friends and visitors. This is the chair I enjoy sitting in to read or scroll on social media while I wait for dinner to cook. I can see the backyard growing dark with sunset shades of pink and orange. In the other windows I see the street lights out front start to flicker in coming on. I reach over the pull the cord to turn on the table lamp that is by my chair and think again how wonderfully quiet it is right now. Sometimes the quiet makes us uncomfortable doesn’t it? Sometimes the quiet is in fact noisy and loud with our own thoughts and words we say aloud to an empty space. Right now though it seems divine and I’m comfortably enjoying it. Sometimes I don’t think we give quiet enough credit.

There’s not many moments just like this one. Where it is quiet and still. Even the dog is sleeping quietly. I know it won’t last but I savor it. It is a beautiful space in time to see life unfold and reflect on the path that led to this very moment. It is a space to hold what I need to recharge or give time thinking. It is during these rare moments I inhale deeply and let the air settle deep in my lungs. I usually have some blend of oils in the diffuser and while there’s no rhythm or reason to what is in it usually, tonight I seemed to have hit the mark with a little doTERRA Holiday Peace oil. (you can purchase it here: It is gentle and calming while being a touch of outdoors woodsy with spice.

It’s not that I have great thoughts to think or complex problems to solve. Well, I do but they’re not important right now. There are always problem in life it seems and the calmness and good times never seem to last as long as we would like. Soon there will be another problem or challenge we must rise to meet, big or small, but we know we will rise and meet it even when we think we cannot. As I get older I realize I don’t look forward to as many challenges or problems and prefer those smooth times when things are peaceful and good. Sometimes it can seem our challenges and problems come wave after wave and those brief moments of reprieve are simply not long enough at all. What I find myself thinking about right now is the future and having curious wonderings about it and what it may hold for me, my family and what’s next.

What 2020 brings is indeed a mystery. This coming year reminds me of the anticipation we had in 2000 when we didn’t think computers would be able to flip the date and everything would become corrupt. That was a year I was super busy at work, even working on New Year’s Eve with stressed anticipation to see if everything would be ok. It was and we have computers today that work just fine recognizing the correct date. Entering 2020 though seems eerily calm and like it’s no big deal at all. Yet it is. There’s something magical about that number and special I think. Maybe I’m wrong but it feels like a big year coming.

When I think about what it could be I’d like to think positively about the things that could transpire. It would be fantastic to see tremendous growth in Dragonspit Apothecary. It would be great to get some work done on our kitchen that I’ve been wanting. It would even be wonderful to take another dream vacation like we did this year to Hawaii. Maybe this is the year I can drop this clinging few pounds I always fuss about. It’s fun to dream of the wonderful things a new year can hold. Yet I know the hard times will come too but hopefully they will not be too hard or I will easily overcome them without missing too much of a step. I think growing is important and I wouldn’t want to miss a challenge if it meant expanding where I want to go but sometimes making those hurdles seems exhausting I must admit. So for now I just enjoy the moment and set intentions out into the universe for smaller hurdles.

For me I hope 2020 is a year of better flow for me. Alignment with natural flow and the ability to see things more calmly and intentionally before I have to respond. The ability to take things as they come and see the silver lining and beauty in each of them. It is sometimes pretty easy for me to think of the dark side and problems instead of the lesson or opportunity. That happens I think when I am stressed and going from fire to fire in my life without the ability to see what is really happening. We all tend to get a little busy like that at times don’t we? It makes time pass very quickly and we feel we are missing the sweet stuff in life as a result. I know I’d like to be a different kind of busy next year where it’s less about the stress and deadlines and more about the flourishing and positive growth. Wouldn’t it be nice not to miss anymore sweet stuff in life? A little more of the fun type of stress if you will.

There truly is no telling what the new year will bring but as I sit here now hearing the garage open telling me my family is coming home, I realize that I have hope. Hope is a pretty incredible word and holds so much promise and light. Hope has power in just saying the word aloud. It is an aspect of feeling you sometimes can’t fully describe but you know the feeling. It is a motivator and an encouragement while also being the beacon when things are darkest. It is the hope that gives us dreams and intentions to set. It is truly the beauty of this season that we can package and share with others and hold in our heart to move us into a bright future of a magical year ahead. That hope that this year my family will prosper and have a good year and I will be able to do right by them. Yes hope is what I’m thinking we need more of in 2020.

What is your hope for 2020?

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