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Our Childhood Journey

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Each of us has memories growing up. Some things hopefully we remember fondly. Children are constantly learning, growing and excelling at new things every day. Their bodies are changing at a rapid pace. I will often look at my son in the mornings as he’s getting up and ask “Why did you grow again last night?”

When they are little and when they are open to new opportunities to learn we as parents can use that to show them a way of life they will take with them into adulthood. An appreciation for our planet, the necessity of good food and clean water, how to be healthy without chemicals. The best way to teach a child is by doing it yourself. Be the example you want them to follow. It’s ok to not do it well all the time either because this simply teaches them that we all have room for improvement and we can learn from all experiences.

If done with love and consistency these ideas for living more naturally and within our means is something our children can achieve as adults. Adults who are truly able to reset the world is entirely possible as a result.

Clean Your Room

We have always given our son chores and responsibilities to do around the house from the age of 2. It started with him feeding the dogs at dinner time. We would measure the scoop of food and it was his chore to take it to the dog bowl and put it in then tell the dogs “free” so they could come eat. As he grew older we added to the list of things he was responsible for to help out around the house. These are done without allowance too. Let’s face it, mom doesn’t get paid to wash the clothes so why am I going to pay him a $1 for putting them away?

Recently, I saw a mom post on Facebook a question about her son’s bedroom. Her husband had given the directive that their 6 year old son needed to clean his room after school that day. The mom was tore up about this because she had a busy day and couldn’t help him. I challenged her to rethink that. Giving our children the opportunity to be creative and responsible is a beautiful thing. These are the life lessons they need!

This is her post and picture:

If we want our children to grow up to be self-sufficient brilliant adults we have to show them how to do that as children. We have to show them the opportunities available to live their best life and that starts at home by cleaning their rooms, participating in making soap and any other thing we can share with them that enriches and instills values.

At 7 our son is responsible for cleaning his room. It’s not always easy to get him to do it but we don’t step in and do it for him. He will ultimately get it done even if it takes a while. It also gives him incentive to keep it more tidy to avoid having to clean it so much next time. He however doesn’t get money for it. Praise yes.

Walk the Talk

The best way to teach our children to clean their rooms, balance life and life well is to do those things ourselves. If we want our children to have clean rooms, then let’s first make sure our rooms are clean, the bed is made and laundry picked up. If we want our children to appreciate nature then let’s take them outside with us and explore it together!

The most important thing we can teach our children is how to live well and take care of themselves. Guess how that is done! That’s right, by us taking that same path of improving our health, reducing toxic chemicals and defining a way of life that is truly more healthy for us.

That transformation does not have to be challenging either. Making it a family activity makes it easier for everyone to support and encourage each other on these changes and learn what works. It also sets a wonderful experience for our children. Teach our children how to shop, make and honor what we use every day and why that’s important.

Interested in more?

Starting a family journey to natural health is truly rewarding and the effects will influence your children in a positive way!

If you have questions about what that transformation to natural looks for your family contact me! I can help you find the right plan to fit both need and budget so this is a positive experience.

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