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Outlander – The New World

This was just impossible not to explore further. I had to write more about Outlander and offer some diffuser blends to use while when the dreaded “Drought-lander” finally ends and we can all gleefully watch the newest season come to life from the pages of Drums of Autumn.

Since we know they will be in the New World I’ve created these diffuser blends to match what will be going on and what I think that would smell, feel and to support our characters through their journey. If you have other suggestions to add to this list, please share.

Exploring a New Land

This diffuser blend is aimed at supporting the senses, alertness and taking in your surroundings with all your senses. As Claire and Jamie start out in the New World in what we know today as the beaches of Georgia we will see them move further inland and find new towns, lands and meet new people.

I will say I was saddened to hear taping of the new season was going to be in Europe rather than North Carolina where a good part of the book is set. I’m sure they’ll do an excellent job and the scenery will be beautiful so I’ll just pretend James Fraser is really just up the road.


Scandal and Intrigue

It goes without saying that mayhem and chaos follow Claire and Jamie. It won’t be long before these two find new enemies, battles and political scandal. This blend is for supporting focus, figuring out complex maneuvers and thinking through critical next steps that often mean near death experiences for our characters.

Scandal & Intrique

New Home

There is always a place to call home and it is very much a welcome site to Claire and Jamie. They often arrive battle weary and bone tired after a long journey and several challenges along the way. In this season we will find Claire and Jamie making a new home in what will become Fraser’s Ridge in the mountains of North Carolina.

The book goes into great deal about what Jamie feels when he finds the place they will now call home. The description of his process of taking in the place and declaring it home was simply beautiful and serene.

Fraser's Ridge.png

To the Bonds of Loyalty and Family

One of the strong underlying themes in the story is Jamie’s unwavering loyalty to his family and friends. He always does all he can to make things better for others and recognizes their role in his life and he in theirs. We continue to see his demonstration of the bonds to his Claire, his family and friends in the new season.

One of the areas where Jamie has been  most painfully hurt in the story is through the loss of all his children. In many ways he feels unable to protect them. He has never met Faith or Brianna and had to walk away from William. Yet, he goes on and carries them in his heart. I will not spill the beans but Jamie is going to be blessed at last in this area of his life and it was a section of the book I read a couple times to simply enjoy it.

Aside from his family, Jamie is also fiercely loyal to those he serves with and is company of during times of challenge and strife. He is a natural born leader who can bring people together and develops life-long bonds between men.

Bonds of Loyalty & Love.png

I hope this helps as we wait for Season 4 to arrive.

Interested in more?

If you would like to have essential oils in your home or have questions about how to use them, please reach out. I’m happy to help you find the oils perfect for your needs.

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