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Paying It Forward

doTERRA is a huge contributor and participant in communities across the globe. The organization that intentionally and purposely sources its oils from real family farms and rural villages globally does more than just provide income producing work. They actually work towards improving the lives of everyone they touch.

Commission Structure

Let’s start basic. doTERRA Wellness Advocates are some of the most well paid in network marketing. The commission structure is intentionally setup to support long term revenue producing security. Even a casual sharer who is earning just enough to pay for some or all of their monthly oils is earning more than other distributors.

doTERRA is completely debt free and has zero outside interest or funding. Their customer base is currently at 6 million customers and growing with an average retention rate of 70%. That means that for every 10 people a Wellness Advocate enrolls, 7 of 10 will likely remain as customers or eventually distributors. In most network marketing companies that retention percentages is typically 12-15%. This is the magic sauce for why you can build this business and be able to comfortable say you will be able to eventually replace your 9-5 job with it.

Think about that for a moment. Why are people staying with doTERRA? My answer is doTERRA works. Their oils and products are for real, with real results and you can earn some serious money by just sharing them with others. The retention rate compared to other network marketing companies is as of 2017 year end. That’s real numbers and proof others are seeing the goodness in these results as well.

Free to Give Program

There is a real sense of peace and security when you can say your bills are paid and you have zero debt. doTERRA wants everyone to experience that feeling. To help, they have setup the Free to Give Program.  Every Wellness Advocate can participate in this program absolutely free.

In this program, doTERRA provides the resources, information and education to show soundly how to pay off debt and live with financial freedom. Everything from videos, resources, budget planners, expense and debt trackers and support is available at absolutely no cost for a Wellness Advocate to use.

Days for Girls Program

No girl and woman should be made to feel ashamed because they have their period. Yet in many areas of our world, that is exactly what happens. Girls and women are shunned, exiled from their village during their period and made to feel bad about their bodies.

Many women and girls do not have access to pads or tampons to use during their cycle and instead use cardboard, mattress filling or just leaves to try and manage through it.

No one teaches these girls that this is normal and part of what makes them special and blessed. No one teaches why this happens, what to expect and how to handle it when it happens.

Thankfully the Days for Girls Program is having massive outreach to change this situation. The program receives large donations from doTERRA and doTERRA’s Wellness Advocates each month to help provide education, resources and supplies to women and girls. It truly is a beautiful program.