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Perks of Loyalty and Exclusive Memberships

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

I remember the first time I was upgraded because of my “status” on an airline. I had already made it to my window seat and was sitting with my earbuds in getting ready to listen to some music while I did some work. It was crowded and full just like all flights are. I flew regularly those days and just accepted that you were going to get the occasional elbow to the side or my knees hitting the seat (I’m 6 foot) when the person ahead leaned back their chair. It is just life on a plane.. but not that day.

The attendant came to our row and said I had been upgraded and could move to row 3, seat A. That was First Class. Those were the “special seats.” I quickly reached for my purse under the seat, asked my row mates to allow me out as I tried to look cool but not too happy all the way to the front of the plane.

The seats were soft, wider and there was a blanket! There were hot towels and warm nuts served on real dishes! There was even a hot towel they gave you. My knees didn’t stand a chance of hitting anything in front of me and in fact I could stretch out if I wanted. This was high cotton flying!

It’s all about the member exclusive benefits that many of us just never obtain due to cost, time, need, or other yet it looks so appealing. Membership and loyalty has it’s perks and the airlines figured out how to create that exclusivity very well when you fly. It’s no wonder most people see loyalty programs and memberships as an unattainable exclusion that makes us uninterested.

Being a Member

Membership often means you have paid for access to something exclusive. It can also impose certain rules on you in order to enjoy the benefits of your membership. For instance, on the airlines to enjoy the perks of membership you have to fly as in A LOT of flying to earn upgrades, free baggage checks, and more. It’s a big time commitment and expense to get those benefits as well as rules for how you can and cannot use them. Hello blackout dates!

Membership is a turnoff for a lot of people because they feel they lose their free will of choices right for them, be limited on when or how they can take advantage of their benefits and it costs more than they will see back from that expense. What if I don’t fly anymore? What if whatever this membership for isn’t what I want anymore? What if I move? What if they company goes out of business? What if…?

The airline that I was using a lot of that earned me that First Class seat was acquired by another. I had to fly a lot more on this new airline to get to the status I had just reached! It was disappointing and a real frustration after I’d had that teaser of getting to be upgraded. However, to think about switching airlines all together and starting over on their loyalty miles program seemed even more discouraging.

We are all leery about memberships and what that means for us. It can completely seem and feel as those the tables are just tilted to the company favor and not ours at all.

Wholesale Membership

When I tell people doTERRA has a wholesale membership option I often see the what if questions come immediately out and it’s a quick back peddle to end the conversation. Yes, it is a wholesale membership label but it is actually very different than what you may be thinking.

There are no limits or minimums that must be earned or overcome before you can enjoy the benefits. You have full access to everything day 1. You don’t have to sell, share or even tell anyone you use doTERRA.

Here’s what it means to have the exclusive wholesale membership with doTERRA:

  1. Access to all doTERRA products and oils discounted at least 25%

  2. Access to rebates on purchases and shipping

  3. Access to early deals and promotions

  4. Flexibility to shop when and for what you want …. no blackouts

  5. No minimum purchase requirements

  6. Education and support

  7. Personal service and support

The Fine Print

So here’s where I tell you what it cost.

$35 the first year and from the moment you open your account, you have immediate access to all the benefits. No waiting, no must dos, no selling, or any other challenge. It’s there when and where you want it. With that, you also get a nice little welcome package from doTERRA with a product catalog, information about the company and other information. You also get a goodie package from me with products to try and information about how I am now your personal concierge for anything you need or have questions about. Just like that you are in First Class! Feel free to roam where you please.

From then on, annually it costs $25 to keep your “membership” but here’s the secret. Each year when you renew your exclusive wholesale membership doTERRA sends you a free Peppermint oil valued at $20.50. That means your renewal is $4.50 per year.

$4.50 a year is something every single family can fit into a budget 1 time a year and know they can get doTERRA pure and 100% natural products for their health and home whenever you like. I know of no other membership, loyalty program or club that provides that type of service, quality or value for the dollar.

Interested in more?

If you’re even mildly curious about how to live more naturally and simply, then obtaining an inexpensive access to doTERRA is well worth considering as your approach. Membership is worth it when the benefits are truly tilted in your favor.

If you have questions or would like more information, please reach out to me at

To start your natural health journey, simply click here:

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