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Plastic World

The need to reduce plastic use and figure out ways to use the mountains of discarded plastic around the globe is in a critical state.  Pictures of animals tangled in plastic, reports of sea life being unsafe and dying out due to eating plastic, and the effects its having on our plants and air quality are staggering.  It goes one step further than this too, not only is plastic bad for our planet but for us as well!

Over exposure to plastic such as daily use of plastic containers for cooking and drinking introduces those plastic chemicals into our bodies. This can effect testosterone, fertility, and break down our ability to fight off diseases.  The same physical detriments we’re seeing in animals and sea animals is happening to us as well!

There is research and positive results however to help by changing the plastic wrappers of our food.  We can actually make a film that looks like plastic but is actually 100% natural and contains essential oils such as Oregano and Clove!

Imagine opening your next loaf of bread to make the kids’ school lunch sandwiches and the wrapping that around that loaf of bread that looks like a plastic bag is actually edible! Yes healthy and edible.

Even if we didn’t eat it, it would be able to be decomposed and consumed into the soil and water without the nasty effects we see from plastic.

Out of bread? No worries let’s just make you a nice PB&J from the bread wrapper! I seriously love this idea!


The complete article on this incredible discovery is available via the link below. I seriously cannot wait for this to expand and take over the bread aisle at the stores.

Interested in more?

If you would like to introduce natural essential oils in your life and home, please reach out to me. I’m happy to answer any questions you have and help you find the perfect oils for your needs.

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