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Princess Orange Blossom

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Once upon a time there was a princess named Nerola who lived in the beautiful country of Italy. She loved orange blossoms and would often use them to scent her gloves, hair and clothes and wear as a perfume. She was quite the trend setter in doing this as this practice of using orange blossoms as perfume would carry forward for thousands of years.

This is a true story. This is how the wonderfully fragrant orange blossom received it’s name of Neroli when used as an oil or perfume. Being royal this of course started a trend that continues today with orange blossoms being a key ingredient in many of the more expensive colognes and perfumes.

Neroli is a natural aphrodisiac this also soothing to anxiety and nervousness. In the times of Princess Nerola, orange blossoms were used to soothe pre-wedding jitters and help newly married couples on their first night together. They were often used in royal wedding bouquets and throughout the wedding chamber.

It is interesting that the first notable uses of the bitter orange tree blossoms would be perfume but it would be realized soon this heavy scented bloom would also provide much needed medicinal support as well.

In the Medicine Cabinet

Today we can use neroli in it’s essential oil form as a support to many physical and emotional support needs. The doTERRA Neroli comes in a pre-diluted roller ball bottle allowing it to be easily applied to the skin as needed.

This oil is particularly helpful for:

  1. Chronic stress

  2. Nervousness

  3. Childbirth & pregnancy

  4. High blood pressure

  5. Menopause