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Queen of the Night

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

The Jasmine flower is known as the Queen of the night because it typically blooms when it is dark outside. The subtropical plant thrives in warm, humid climates where it emits a sweet aroma that is widely sought after for perfumes.

Original to the Himalayas the jasmine flower now grows globally in warm climates and hot growing houses. It was used commonly in ceremonies celebrating purity, hope and spirituality. Garlands of jasmine are often worn to honor the gods and remember those that have passed. In Catholicism, jasmine is aligned to the month of May honoring the Virgin Mary.

This highly sought after flower is very feminine and delicate giving it a wonderful aroma for perfumes.

Jasmine Health

Jasmine actually has several health benefits that can be supported through the use of the essential oil version of the flower. The aroma is very soothing and calming making it an ideal compliment for anti-depressant, aphrodisiac and regenerative health needs.

Relief from these conditions can be realized through regular use of this oil:

  1. Depression

  2. Anxiety

  3. Labor and delivery

  4. Uterine health

  5. Pinkeye

  6. Wrinkle management

  7. Exhaustion

  8. Overwhelming feelings

  9. PMS

  10. Low libido

  11. Skin irritation due to dryness

  12. Ovulation and fertility

Application of this oil through skin in the areas of concern such as over the stomach can provide support and relief. It also works very well diffused.

The doTERRA Jasmine essential oil is sold as a roller ball touch that contains fractionated coconut oil. This enables the product to be applied to the skin without further dilution. With this oil being pre-blended it cannot be ingested.

The Oil of Sexual Purity & Balance

Jasmine is a natural aphrodisiac that can increase sexual awareness and help balance sexual forces. The aroma arouses our senses and makes us more aware of our sexual identity and intimate relationships.

This oil is also a powerful purification supporter to help heal from sexual traumas and and our perspective about sex. It helps us also understand our balance of love, sex and the need for approval by others. The oil helps us feel beautiful, confident and open for healthy relationships.

Applying this oil with the doTERRA Jasmine Touch over the stomach helps us increase our trust, sense of safety and being open to intimacy and self-acceptance.

Supporting Partners

Jasmine is a beautiful oil to use by itself but can be blended with these other oils to increase benefits and create unique aromas of our own preference and liking.

  1. Cinnamon for a more balanced earthly aroma

  2. Neroli for increases support with anxiety and stress

  3. Rose for increased support with intimacy and love

  4. Sandalwood for calming, soothing support

Interested in more?

Including doTERRA Jasmine Touch as your go-to for perfume can replace toxic chemical perfumes and provide healthy benefits. It helps us honor our femininity and womanhood while being open to healthy intimacy.

If you have questions or would like further information please reach out!

To order Jasmine Touch and any of the other oils mentioned in this post, simply click here:

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