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Recognizing Rejection

We’ve all become annoyed at the salesperson approach pushing us to buy their product. It’s very annoying to be unable to casually browse a store, look at a catalog or shop online without some salesperson, pop-up chat box or other push tactic following you incessantly to make a sale.

In network marketing, some of these same pushy sales techniques are applied as a result of the company culture and training, experience of the person doing the selling or by those just interested in making a sale, growing their team or reaching a new goal.  Being in network marketing, I get the numbers side of the business. These things are important and there are great advantages to hitting a certain level and growing a team.

The quickest way to lose a potential customer and friend is to apply one of the pushy salesperson tactics. Think about it – would you want to buy something from someone who did that to you?

My approach to reaching those sales, numbers and goals is truly secondary to my genuine interest in connecting people with oils I believe will help them and their families. This approach aligns with doTERRA’s culture of sharing information with others and letting them choose what is right for them. 

I have found doTERRA sells itself once someone tries it. My only “job” in the sales phase is finding people interested, providing a sample appropriate for them and sharing some information for how to use them safely.  Sharing is easy because people are generally interested or they are not. From there,  they will either immediately find value and purpose and want more or they will not. I’m not going to push myself on someone for my own gain. That’s not what it’s about for me.

I realize and accept not everyone is going to find the same value, purpose and enjoyment I have with essential oils.

Rejection is hard regardless of if it’s the first time or 1,000 time it has happened.

Through doing this type of business I have learned there are actually several forms of rejection that you have to be prepared to encounter and respond accordingly.


Clear As Day Rejection

This is the easiest of the rejection types.