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Royal Osmanthus

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Osmanthus is a popular plant ingredient in many natural health and beauty products. More commonly known as the tea olive plant, this warm weather tropical plant is native originally to western China. Today, there are at least 35 variations of the plant and it is commonly used in landscaping in the southern regions of the United States.

The osmanthus plant is part of Chinese culture representing seasonal changes to Fall. There are annual festivals of celebration that include teas and sweet treats in honor of this plant and to welcome the new season. The plant is most notably grown in the royal Chinese palace as a flower of vitality and health for the royals who live there. It is also in the Chinese culture where we find the origins of this plant being used medicinally.

In pioneer and early settlement times of America, Osmanthus was used in cementaries to protect and watch over those that had passed in a land other than where their ancestors lay. It was believed the aroma of these plants covered any smell of death so the souls of those departed could pass to Heaven safely and not be taken or lost on their journey. It is uncertain where this practice came from but even today we find osmanthus commonly planted in the landscaping of cementaries.

Osmanthus Medicine

From ancient times in China to today, Osmanthus continues to be used in teas and on the skin to treat illness and irritations. It is particularly helpful to soothe sore throats and boosts the immune system against colds.

Osmanthus is also used in the regulation of menstruation. In the Chinese culture osmanthus is related fertility and sex. The use of the plant to support menstruation is done through internal ingestion of the plant through teas and application to the skin in the abdomen region. In addition, this plant is used commonly for:

  1. Cold and flu

  2. Stomach cramps and digestive support

  3. Detoxification of the blood

  4. Oral healthcare

  5. Bug repellent

The sweet taste of the flower carries through to flavor teas making it alternative to honey and other sweeteners. It is also used in soups, jams and flavoring dishes as a seasoning.

Natural Beauty

Osmanthus is found in many moisturizes, lotions, creams and cleaners. It is a natural support to skin tone, blemishes and managing oily skin. The plant is a natural moisturizer making it an excellent alternative to man made chemical based lotions and moisturizers.

doTERRA Oil Blends Containing Osmanthus

  1. Beautiful

  2. Brave

  3. Console

  4. Arise

  5. Balance

  6. Elevation

  7. Deep Blue

When used in oil blends, osmanthus provides the sweet undertones that give the oil a gentle aroma that is light and pleasant. This is what makes it a great alternative to perfume and body mists for scent.

Interested in more?

While Osmanthus is not an oil doTERRA sells individually at this time, it can be found in many of the oil blends and products where the benefits of this sweet flower can be realized.

If you have questions or need help please reach out. I’m happy to help you find the right information for your needs.

To enjoy the benefits of Osmanthus in your natural health journey, simply click here:

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