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Serenity Now!

doTERRA’s Serenity oil blend is an oil I use almost daily. I would say I more often choose Serenity over Lavender when I’m filling my diffuser for the night and when I’m traveling. While one of the primary oils is lavender, it is much more complex in its aroma and has a lot of benefits.

This oil as the name implies is part of the restful group of oils. That means the oils in this group promote rest, relaxation, emotional support and is soothing to both our body and mind.

The complexity of Serenity’s aroma comes from a unique blend of these oils:

  1. Lavender

  2. Cedarwood

  3. Ho Wood

  4. Ylang Ylang

  5. Marjoram

  6. Roman Chamomile

  7. Vetiver

  8. Vanilla Bean

  9. Hawaiian Sandalwood

I find the oil to be pleasant, not too flowery, peaceful and happy.  The primary benefits of this oil are of course, rest, relaxation, peacefulness and sleep. It is a fantastic oil to use when your mind is busy and you want to center yourself during meditation or preparing for sleep.


Some of the ways I found to use this oil include:

  1. Diffusing it at night with doTERRA’s Breathe and Vetiver. The combination of these 3 oils promotes sleep and helps with snoring and respiratory issues at night

  2. Applying to my feet bottoms to promote relaxation

  3. Inhaling a couple drops to help with anxiety and stress “in the moment.” I will sometimes include a drop of Breathe to help with panic attacks and feeling like you can’t breathe during those times of very high stress.