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Slim & Sassy – She’s So Full of Sassafras

For some reason the word sassafras has always cracked me up. I realize it is a tree but in the context of how this word gets used it is rarely referring to its leafy lineage.

Seriously, when was the last time you heard someone cooking with sassafras or sipping on sassafras tea?

My grandfather used to make sassafras iced tea when I was a child but I think he was only person I ever knew that drank it. He wouldn’t sweeten it much at all so it was much equivalent to drinking medicine when you’re a child.  There were a couple sassafras trees on his farm and we’d go help him pick some leaves or a little of the bark for his tea that he’d put in a jug out in the sun to brew. Once his farming work was done, he’d come up to the house, get a large glass of ice, pour some of this tea and sit under the willow trees enjoying the rest of the day.

It’s commonplace to say someone is “just full of sass and sassafras” meaning they are sassy, mouthy and very possibly a smart-ass.   It is most often applied to females though I have heard a general comment or two when referring to males as well.

When someone is confident they are looking their best and seen strutting their stuff without a care in this world, they are also referred to as “full of sassafras.”

Again, I don’t understand how a herbal smelling tree has become associated with being smart-mouthed, overly sure of yourself and looking good but it’s probably got an interesting story of how it originated.

These days I get my “full of sassafras” on by dropping a couple drops of doTERRA’s Slim & Sassy in my water.

While Slim & Sassy does not actually contain sassafras it does have a herbal like smell and taste.  The oil blend actually contains:

  1. Grapefruit

  2. Lemon

  3. Peppermint

  4. Ginger Root

  5. Cinnamon Bark

Together these oils create a healthy metabolism boost to help you stay focused and energized. It is a great oil to add to you health and weight goals as it helps with managing the sweet tooth, boosts your energy, helps with focus . Even if you’re not watching your weight it is a great oil for daily use in reducing toxins and water retention.


I drink Slim & Sassy at least once a day in my water.  It helps me stay away from soda and be more mindful of what I eat most days.  I admit I have not tried diffusing it or applying it but have heard others do so with pleasing results.

I keep the gum in my purse and use it regularly when on the go.

The soft gels I will take when I’m feeling I need a boost or am having a hard time sticking to eating healthier foods on a particular day.

I enjoy the protein mixes as a smoothie, protein shake or stirred in yogurt. They make a nice treat instead of going for the ice cream or something equally not so healthy.

Interested in more?

If you have questions please contact me via this blog or email at

If you would like to get your “She’s so full of sassafras on” order it via my website

If you’d rather not pay retail prices for your Slim & Sassy contact me! As a Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate you receive 25% off retail prices, earn points from your purchase and shipping (makes shipping FREE) and can enjoy monthly product specials! doTERRA also has the best educational support available!  Contact me at for more information.

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