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Snake Oil Anyone?

Someone on Twitter accused me of being a snake oil dealer the other day.

I was shocked at the insult and taken aback to see it come from someone in the health care field. The very same health care field I too work in outside of my essential oils business.

Perhaps it is the result of too much technology.

Perhaps it is how we raise our children.

Perhaps it’s the lack of listening skill.

Or perhaps it is just general rudeness.

There is incessant need for absolute right and absolute wrong that is so against how life actually works where there is nothing absolute except life and death. Sadly, this rage for absolute conformity to one side is causing deep cuts into our societal fabric and preventing individuals and groups of people from getting along, finding common ground on any level and being open to opinions other than their own.

Case in point

I found a Twitter post saying how health could only be realized through scientific research and study. It claimed boldly that research and study should be limited to chemical based results proven in controlled laboratories. Anything outside of these boundaries was nothing more than voodoo, magic, hocus pocus and snake oil.

This person was upset because funding was going to be given to investigation of natural health methods at Kansas University. The research includes investigation into essential oils uses for medicinal needs and uses. In this person’s opinion this was only increasing the silliness of people using essential oils. Essential oils had already been proven ineffective to work in their opinion and I was nothing but a snake oil dealer for supporting it’s continued use and contributing to the continued effort to dumb down America.

Pretty harsh words.

Sadly, it’s the words of a person with a narrow and limited opinion. This person is so closed minded they cannot even consider any opinion different from their own as having any level of merit or value. They are probably a pretty smart person who if they could only raise their mind to a curious level could contribute much to proving or disproving the use of essential oils in health care and thereby fully proving or disproving their own opinion. How unfortunate.


Being an essential oil user I found the idea that Kansas University was going to fund research into natural and alternative health means awesome! If they don’t see successful results, then this person on Twitter may be right.

But what if there are positive results and findings?

Instead of throwing insults and calling it all dumb, let’s put it to the test and see what happens. There’s nothing to lose in this situation and hey we may even find a cure to some horrific disease!

Based on work already being performed by the Mayo Clinic, John Hopkins Medical and Vanderbilt there are positive results from using essential oils in the treatment of cancer and other diseases. Kansas is just the latest to join these incredibly smart, innovative and leading institutions and scientists in looking at how natural methods may work independently or in conjunction with traditional medicine.

With antibiotics losing their effectiveness due to overuse and the super strains of illnesses we are discovering, it’s worth considering the idea we need to look at other treatment options for illnesses, serious and minor in nature. The work these institutions have already done to test and try essential oils and natural medicine is incredible and with wonderful results being realized. Why shouldn’t we invest to explore this further?

So not only did this person insult me because I believe natural methods can and do work but she also tried to discredit leading institutions we have in this country. The very institutions that are working non-stop to find cures for serious illnesses like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, HIV/AIDS and others life threatening diseases.

If the cure for those diseases and others comes from a laboratory chemical or a plant – does it matter?

Isn’t the bigger picture need being that we find cures?

Given we don’t have a cure today for cancer, for instance, isn’t it worth considering there could be other areas we didn’t consider before? That maybe pumping bodies full of lethal and addictive drugs to kill cells and “heal”ourselves isn’t the answer or at least minimally not the complete answer?

In my posts about using essential oils for medicinal uses, I always advocate informing your doctor you want or are already complimenting care with natural alternatives such as essential oils. Some doctors are open to alternative and natural methods and others are not. However, YOU own your health and it’s condition not the doctors. They need to be on your team.

It is your health and you should have providers who consider your opinion and input as part of the treatment plan. Find a doctor who is open to considering natural alternatives along with traditional medicine.  Doing so, ensures you are able to have open and honest conversations with your doctor about what is working, what is not and what you can try both traditionally and natural.

The person in the Twitter feed bashing essential oils was not open to considering there could be other options outside of a laboratory and that is her right to that opinion. If she’s a doctor, I would not go to her because I want a doctor who partners with me on my health care journey and what I want to achieve. I want a  provider relationship that is open to considering ALL possible options to realizing my health goals, fighting illnesses and diseases.

If I am ever diagnosed with a severe disease I want to know my provider is going to be open to trying all and any treatment, traditional, natural or even alien to help me. That is what I am paying them to do and what I trust they will do for me.

Too many of us have realized significant improvements to our health as a result of changing or incorporating natural products into our lifestyle. I see no reason to stop that in my life.

Also important, her responses of name calling and insults were not right. This is where our society is falling apart. If you disagree with someone you don’t need to attack who they are or what they believe in. It’s really OK if you don’t agree on something or think something is better than the other person does. Express yourself kindly when this happens, be respectful and then let it go.

As I told her in the end rather than continue dodging insults, “To each their own opinion and I wish you good luck as I hope you do me.”

Stay curious my friends! The world and everyone in it works better when we do.

Interested in more?

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