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Storks In High Demand

doTERRA has brought storks on staff! 

These special skilled delivery experts with their graceful wings and strong beaks are responsible for delivering the special new essential oil product line  specifically crafted for babies and children. This is such a sweet product line!

Included in this kit are products completely all natural with the high quality doTERRA essential oils. With the kit you will receive:

  1. Baby hair and body wash

  2. Baby diaper cream

  3. Baby lotion

This is perfect for your baby or as a cute shower gift.


How to Maximize Savings with this Special

Even though this is a new product line, there are a couple clever ways to maximize savings in getting them.

The best way I have figured out is to enroll as a new Wholesale customer.  From there two options are available to maximize savings:

Option 1 – AromaTouch and Baby Set

  1. Select the AromaTouch kit that includes 9 essential oil roller balls that are already diluted and perfect for everyone in the house, all ages!

  2. Add a 15ml bottle of Balance

  3. Add the doTERRA baby collection set with lotion, wash and diaper cream

The kit would come with an introduction book and free wellness consultation to help you get started using your oils.


You would also get the May OnGuard products for free this month only.  Those free products are valued at $76.67 and include:

  1. Free doTERRA toothpaste

  2. Free doTERRA 15ml OnGuard oil blend

  3. Free doTERRA 15ml Wild Orange oil

  4. Free doTERRA spray hand sanitizer

All together this cost would be $258.50 with a savings of $121.50.

That is a fantastic way to easily start everyone in your house with trying essential oils and experiencing them in the least invasive way possible.

Option 2: Total Kid Wellness Kit

This option has something for everyone in the family too and more savings. Included in this option are:

  1. Family Essentials Kit containing the top 10 most used oils and 2 beadlet options

  2. Children’s supplements set

  3. Breathe respiratory stick for easy non-messy application

  4. doTERRA Baby kit

This kit too would come with the free OnGuard special, free wellness consultation and introductory book. With the inclusion of the Family Essential Kit, the initial membership fee is waived.

Total cost of this set would be $257 with a savings of $172.82!

This makes it very attractive to start protecting your family with nature rather than chemicals!

If you are interested in taking advantage of this special or want to look at other options to best fit your family’s needs, please reach out to me.

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