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Super Immunity Bubble

We sometimes say people who are accident prone or seem to always be catching some cold or bug need to be put in a bubble. The bubble of course to protect them better and prevent future accidents and illnesses. The practicality of a real bubble surrounding someone is of course often something comedic but what if it were possible  without the cumbersome wrappings of a physical bubble?

There is actually value for all of us to consider being in a bubble and it’s just a matter of how we build such a thing.

Yes, I am going there…

I’m going to say it….

What about an invisible bubble!


When we boost and maintain our immunity systems we are in fact wrapping ourselves up in an invisible bubble of protection against illnesses, germs and bugs. We are also giving our bodies the elements they need to heal faster when something does break that bubble barrier. The continual support to our immune systems is actually what can make us healthier, stronger and less likely to be down for the count when illnesses and little accidents finagle their way into our bubble.

Ah HA! Invisible Bubble is possible!

Bubble Foundation

To build our Super Immunity Bubbles we need to start with our diet and general health. Dealing with the things that make us feel less than 100% on a daily basis whether that is physically, emotionally or spiritually is important. If we don’t feel generally energetic, happy and fulfilled regularly that directly starts to weaken our immunity so we are less capable of fighting off illnesses and diseases. Our bodies are too busy focusing on the daily drudge and things holding us down rather than performing at our best.

There doesn’t necessarily need to be a complete overhaul of our lives to realize improvements in our general health, most of the time just changing some little things resets our bodies and minds and can lead to bigger things.

An easy change is simply paying attention to what we put into our mouths to fuel our bodies. Are we taking in quality supplements that truly deliver what our cells need to thrive and rebuild? Are we incorporating some vegetables and fruits in our diets? Are we getting enough water? Are we sleeping well? Are we getting enough rest? Are we making time for self-care?

Environmental Barriers

The next area to look at is our environments. The places we spend the majority of our time during the day and night.  What is in that space? Is is free of toxins, germs, bacteria and other bad things that are making us sick?

We may not be able to control our environment all the time, for instance when we send our children to school or we go to work, but we can control that environment in our homes. Things like improving air quality, reducing chemicals and toxins, eliminating the causes of germs and bacteria are all completely within our control. By doing this in our homes we are boosting our immunity to counteract against the times when we are not in control of our environment. We become aware of things around us that could cause harm and can work to reduce our exposure to those things.

Support System

To achieve a working Super Immunity Bubble we must be extremely careful of what we use to build it.

We are a chemical dependent society.

From the mega billion pharmaceutical industry to chemical based household cleaners and detergents to processed foods and the way we farm to produce meats, fruits and vegetables we are over-exposed to chemicals, pesticides, toxins and other man-made produced compounds. Our bodies were not made to interact with the majority of these chemicals and thus these chemicals are wrecking havoc on our health.  Constant exposure internally and physically to these things is preventing our bodies from having the ability  to fend against illnesses and diseases. We are not only harming our planet but we’re also harming ourselves.

It is a complete buyer beware marketplace with just about everything we buy for our lives and homes. You have to be an informed consumer.

For instance, if we decide an improvement to our health we can make can be realized by taking a multi-vitamin we must make sure the supplement we select is actually going to do good for our bodies.  Most of the vitamins and supplements available do little or nothing for our bodies. Most of these are unable to be broken down and just pass through our digestive system without delivering any benefit to making us feel better or giving our bodies what they need on a daily basis to be healthy. So we thought we were doing something good for our health and may have spent a good chunk of money to do that but in fact we’re just introducing another thing our bodies can’t process and derives little benefit from.

I believe the uptick in allergies such as those to peanuts, dairy, soy, gluten and other is all a direct result of the processed chemicals that are used to grow and process our foods. At what point in our future will we not be able to eat anything?

To protect ourselves and our families we must build our Super Immunity Bubble and get our family inside it. That happens when we start incorporating real natural elements and products our bodies can use to defend ourselves against these harmful agents. It can start small but it must start.

For our family, we made the decision to switch out many of our cleaners and detergents to natural forms that we can buy or make on our own.  We have updated our vitamins and supplements to natural based products that contain whole food based ingredients instead of chemicals. We have also been working on our diet. It’s not easy but it’s not awful either.  If I can’t pronounce and recognize the first 3-5 ingredients I try to find an alternative. Our bubble is getting stronger every day and that’s what really counts.

Interested in more?

If you would like to know more about how essential oils or natural products made with essential oils can help you and your family, please reach out. There is never an obligation to buy anything. I’m happy to answer any questions and get you information about doTERRA to support and help you make a good choice for you and your family.

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