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Teen Tantrums and Trials

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

I was walking around Target when I saw a mom and her teen son coming through the same aisle I was in. The mom was saying to her son that he could have his phone back if the rest of her trip through Target was pleasant. He gave her a snarky reply but continued pushing the cart behind her as she shopped.

Every age has it’s own set of new experiences and changes but none other appears to be the hardest than the ages of 13 to 18. During these years, commonly known as the teenager phase, it can seem some terrible switch has come on that changed our darling sweet baby, wobbly toddler, little and big kid into a downright monster. At times it can seem they may not even be human.

The growth that occurs between ages 13 to 18 are all encompassing for a child. They are getting taller, filling out, their tastes evolve, they are eating more, sleeping more, their minds are developing with their own opinions and their hormones are going bonkers with many of them coming alive for the first time. There are new sensations, feelings, experiences and stresses all occurring at one time. This is the age range where most are also starting to experiment with what it may feel like to be more of an adult, having more responsibility and freedom, preparing to leave home and experience a whole other type of adventure. The teen years are in fact the most overwhelming times in our lives with so much happening inside and around their bodies all at once.

It’s Not Easy Being a Teen

With so much happening in their bodies, minds and spirits most teens experience a high level of stress during this phase of growing. They are rapidly growing and changing and those changes are unfamiliar, feel weird or even uncomfortable. They become acutely aware of their own skin and it can feel awkward, strange, and confusing.

When we get overwhelmed with just every day life it’s easy to get stressed out, frustrated and even angry. We feel tired, hungry and unfocused when that stress goes unchecked for awhile. It starts to wear on our health leaving us feeling depleted. For a teenager going through hormonal changes and new life experiences every day this chaos and rapid constant change can result in moodiness, irritability, outbursts and even a good old fashion temper tantrum.

Understanding what is going on allows us to be supportive to our teens during this time and provide them with the tools they can use to navigate through it more calmly. These oils are fantastic for providing that source of calmness and ability to sort through some of what is occurring so resolution can be found.


Basil is great for renewal when we feel burned out or have been stressed for long period of time. Using this oil in our day helps us eliminate the toxins that result in our body from being stressed so our adrenals can recover. The doTERRA Basil essential oil can be taken internally through a capsule or added to foods as a flavoring.

Forgive is a light earthy aroma that helps us pause. The renewing oils of this blend help us overcome irritability caused when we feel hurt, let down, disappointed or cynical. Our teens will often go through a lot of pain emotionally during this age period as they foster new forms of relationships, see their friends change and evolve into their own identity. Forgive helps navigate that pain so they can heal and be free to not let that hurt become harsher.

Being a teen is a very long rite of passage where there can be a lot of humiliating, embarrassing and awkward moments. These poor teens are just trying to figure everything out but sometimes it doesn’t go as planned resulting in feelings of being embarrassed. While they may be older kids are still relentless when it comes to teasing, laughing and make fun of someone else’s awkwardness.

Cassia is an excellent oil for support during those moments and letting our sweet teen know they are not the only one that has had something embarrassing happen to them. Using this oil during those moments helps open their hearts to see that it is just part of growing up and supports them developing the tools to successfully navigate through it.

Interested in more?

We can’t take the place of our teen during this phase of their life but we can be there to support and help them through this time. It won’t always be easy but having these essential oil tools will help make it more smooth when times are rough and support them through the ever changing aspects of their body and life.

If you have questions about the oils or products in this post, please reach out. I am happy to help you find what you need for your specific need or interest.

Living natural with doTERRA means you have freedom and flexibility to fit your interests, needs and budget. My customers and I enjoy at least 25% off all our purchases and have complete flexibility to buy what we want when we want it with no minimums! Join us today and support your natural health journey with the 100% pure beauty of doTERRA products.

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