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The 3 B’s You Need for Affirmations and Actions

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

The way we talk to ourselves indicates how we feel about ourselves and influences how we approach others in our lives.

Do you tell yourself loving, supportive things or are you negative and critical?

In our daily routines we often get used to feeling a certain way when walk through our daily activities. For instance, when we drive to work each morning we tend to stay in the same lane, park in the same spot and walk into the office feeling the same way every day. Think about how you generally feel when you open the door to go into the office.

Are you excited to be there and looking forward to your day?


Or are you feeling blah, frustrated, depleted or even drained before you even get to your desk?


Regardless of whether you like your job or not, the point is we have already programmed ourselves what to feel, act and do when we enter our office building. It’s something we feel and do automatically on the majority of days we enter that building.

When negative messages from things in our routine deplete or create negative feelings inside us that can carry through into other areas of our lives. We carry home those grumpy feelings from the office and spill them all over our family making them just as miserable as we feel. We don’t find joy in things we used to love doing and have a lack of energy for things outside of our work.

Now before you go quitting your job in search of changing how you feel, there is another strategy you can apply.

Change Starts With How You Feel About You

You are always in charge of how you feel. In every situation and circumstance, this is the 1 thing in your life you can always control.

If we feel grumpy and dislike ourselves that will only manifest into how we feel about everything else in our life. We may not be able to change our co-workers, boss or place of employment but we can change how we feel about it.

Using affirmations with essential oils can help change how we feel about ourselves and our outlook that stems from those feelings. I love this self-loving list I found on Pinterest that speak to our worth, beauty and capabilities.

Combining these affirmations with these oils is a perfect way to start reforming your internal messaging about how you feel about yourself and how that is carrying forward to your situations.

The 3 B Oils for Taking an Affirmation to Action

 Basil – Oil of Renewal

Basil essential oil is incredible at helping us recharge our energy when we feel overwhelmed, depleted from stress and have challenges coping with stress. This oils helps us restore from burnout and restore from negativity.

When using doTERRA Basil oil, internally, topically and aromatically, we can support and grow our feelings of hope and optimism in a realistic way.  We can find that necessary balance between what we must do and how we feel about it.


Bergamot – Oil of Self-Acceptance

When things around us are negative and we are feeling the wrath of that negativity in the form of criticism, judgement and harsh words that can start to peel away at our self-esteem and what we think about ourselves.

For example, it only takes a boss jumping your case a few times for you to start thinking you don’t know what you’re doing or may be incapable of doing a good job right?

Unfortunately, bosses and co-workers can be cruel and often very self-serving. Their perspectives and opinions can be short-sighted, incorrect and harmful to us and our career. We don’t like to think the people we spend so much time with every week could do that to one another but it does happen.

We may need to grin and bear for the sake of a paycheck but we also need to protect ourselves from that type of behavior to prevent it from completely destroying what we know otherwise to be true about ourselves. Not doing this will block and delay us in identifying other opportunities that would be more positive for us because we feel we don’t deserve it.

Bergamot helps us clean these negative feelings off our hearts. This oil brings us back to our core beliefs about ourselves and generate the feelings of confidence, self-love and worth we need to know about ourselves. We learn with this oil how to express love to ourselves unconditionally and to recognize our strengths, capabilities and skills. Doing so, enables us to be optimistic and hopeful to finding solutions to remove the negativity around us.


Blue Tansy – Oil of Inspired Action

Once we know our circumstances are negatively influencing how we feel about ourselves and those negative things are not true, we can move to change our circumstances to our favor.

When we feel good about ourselves, even when our job is crummy we can go into that office building and not let the situation going on there impact us as much as it would if we felt differently about ourselves. We realize and accept that it is not us creating that situation that makes that job crummy. We are doing our best and giving our all and we feel good about our contribution. We also set in motion things that will create a happier place for us and that fits our needs, emotionally, financially and personally.

Blue Tansy helps us put our passion into action. We are energized by our inner voice that guides us through the changes we need to make in our life. We feel supported during setbacks to making changes in our circumstances and can feel inspired to continue pressing on.


Interested in more?

If you’re ready to change your 2019 into a positive, supportive journey then you need these 3 oils by your side!

Reach out to me with any questions on how to incorporate these oils into your life and how you can get them for less than retail. I only use doTERRA essential oils because of their high purity and quality to ensure I will see the results I am seeking.

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